MACON, Ga. (13WMAZ) - The Macon - Bibb County Fire Department is investigating a firehouse prank recorded on video that shows a hoax shooting inside one of their firehouses.

13WMAZ reports that the video posted on YouTube shows a masked man entering the firehouse and brandishing a handgun. Several firefighters in the video drop to the floor as the gunman appears to fire the weapon. In one part the gunman grabs a person and drags hims off screen where viewers hear another shot fired.


More, Investigation Launched into Georgia Firehouse Shooting Prank Video


What do you think? A little too much over the top?

Where do you draw the line and who should be held accountable?

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You are so hardcore. They should make a movie about you or write a book. I just know that you have seen more Code 3 responses out of a rearview mirror than most here on the FFN will ever see through the windshield. 


Fired is better than Fired Upon.

The moral of this sad affair?  Never compound stupidity with publicity!

If these guys had kept this as an in-house joke movie I bet nothing would have come of it.



I'm not sure what Code 3 means, but I suspect it has something to do with shootin's and stabbin's and fires and such. And you're almost certainly correct, but I don't mean to give the impression that I'm here comparing Johnsons with anyone.

For me, the only thing outrageous about the prank is that it was posted on Youtube. I would no more post a prank like that on the internet than I would conduct the prank outside in front of the station. In fact, they'd have been better off doing their skit in the City Hall courtyard, as long as no one recorded and posted it. (It would have reached a much smaller audience).

I think concerns about other apparently pistol-packing firefighters pulling out their heaters and blowing away the prankster are completely unrealistic.  If I had to worry about firefighters packing heat in my station, I'd never even raise my voice, let alone pull a fake gun on them. (By the way, if the gun used was not fake, I would deal very harshly with that individual, not because it was used in a prank, but because it was brought into the station at all).

Code 3 refers to driving to a call using lights and sirens. Just for the record, I miss working a busy medic unit where I ran over 24 ACLS runs per shift. Understanding that you work at a busy house makes me envious and fully able to relate to your world and sense of reality. I bet you even work at a brick firehouse with a pole. Live the dream brother.


It's a brick firehouse, but no pole. (Not counting the one we bought for the strippers to use on saturday nights.)

You sound like a B shifter...
I agree Fried is better than Fired Upon. Dyslexics Untie!

I started loosing IQ points just reading this post. I can't afford to watch the video.

And here I thought nothing would top the; shooting bottle rockets out the butt video from a couple of years ago.

Now I'm going to have to replace my stupidity meter.

I think it is wrong on so many levels. Way over the top is an understatement.

Given the gun culture in the States, he's lucky a real one wasn't pulled on him in retaliation or an act of bravado....



 Takes one to know one, Mike.


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