MACON, Ga. (13WMAZ) - The Macon - Bibb County Fire Department is investigating a firehouse prank recorded on video that shows a hoax shooting inside one of their firehouses.

13WMAZ reports that the video posted on YouTube shows a masked man entering the firehouse and brandishing a handgun. Several firefighters in the video drop to the floor as the gunman appears to fire the weapon. In one part the gunman grabs a person and drags hims off screen where viewers hear another shot fired.


More, Investigation Launched into Georgia Firehouse Shooting Prank Video


What do you think? A little too much over the top?

Where do you draw the line and who should be held accountable?

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First and foremost, how stupid can people be?

And there are people wondering why cameras and helmet cams and the like aren't readily accepted.


What is even more stupid is posting this crap on the internet....seriously? Where are the brain cells? Let alone, name the people "starring" in the video. Over the top? Absolutely.


Now I can't speak for Georgia, nor the SOP/Gs of this dept, but the first question is regarding having weapons inside the firehouse? Most depts I know of, weapons, and especially firearms, are not allowed inside the station. So depending on the SOP/Gs, that would be a big question, first of all to allow it, and then to do something as so stupid as to film it, then more stupid, post it on the net.


Where do you draw the line and who should be held accountable?


Problem is you have to start at the top. I seen some officer ranks in the "starring" credits, so to think this occurred without knowledge is a bit over the top. You have a whole crew looking as though they were involved in the prank, let alone mentioned on the stupid video, so it isn't like there is too much digging to be done. I would think there would be discipline involved, but to extent, well that depends upon the dept and their SOP/G's and procedures.


I will say that I would be there will be people wanting to see people terminated, etc, but that is a knee jerk reaction especially coming from an outsider. I personally think there would be discipline involved, but doesn't necessarily mean termination. Let the agency handle that themselves, no need for lynch mobs from outsiders, however, yes such a "prank" is over the top and quite stupid and shouldn't just be feigned off either.

What's not taken unto consideration here us the culture and what us normal or funny. No one can really judge this private video that for all we know is something done to help prepare recruits for a worse case scenario. 

How is this a prank?  I mean, we are now going from putting baby powder in a guys bedding or in his turnout hitch to a terrorist act within the fire station?


Everyone on the video must have been involved. (Officer's included) Otherwise "the prank"  would have pranked the entire group.  I would have to agree with John on this one. We have seen what the cartoon guy went through with his department. Now we have guys I suspect on duty, depicting the culture of their fire department (wearing the department's uniform) and not looking too professional.


You must remember the foundation of the fire service was built on the public's trust. We are allowed to enter a stranger's home to investigate without a warrant. Now if this community see's this video which they probably have, they will have to consider if this department has a bunch of thugs working for them. 


Here is a thought.... how about spending this time training for things that your job description actually requires you to do.

That Is Just PLAIN WRONG!!! you dont EVER EVER EVER prank some1(s) with a hostage situation!!!!!! if that happened id be calling dispatch getting police to the station,writing up what happened,who was there AND when I realize it was a prank,I probably severely hurt them for almost giving me a heart attack!!!and then write up the prank for the captain to deal with. Yes that went WELL PAST the line in line of pranks wrong stupid + the fact that some rookie(s) might just leave!

THEN you have the names of who was in it,What station it was if this happened again they might think its a prank again when its the real deal ....all this  on video really people Really?!?!?!  DumbA$$' you cant fix stupid can ya...

Is this a 'prank' really?  A prank is intended to fool someone.  I don't see any effort here to fool anyone.  It appears everyone on screen is there knowingly, and the credits cancel the idea of it being sent to anyone as a serious real incident [sure some opening credits would have been nice also, but might have negated the atistic intent].  This looks to me to be more of an attempt to create a short film.  Who knows what for, possibly a training scenario, or to develop film skills for an artistic interest.
Sorry, there is nothing "Private" about this video. With workplace and school violence always in the news, this video was quite inappropriate to say the least. There also was nothing funny here, or any type of preparation of recruits, as there was no mention of a Police Training Officer mentioned in the credits. A true losing video all around!
The second part of the title should read, " lopwest of low", not "A little over the top"! With today's terrorism problems, everyone observing 09/11/01, Workplace and School Violence, what were these "Brothers" of the greatest family ever formed thinking. They not only discredited themselves, they also cast a shadow on the entire Fire Service Community! This hasn't been out that long, and the reason I found this was I was called by two community leaders of my area as to how common of a practice is this? This is truely not over the top, it is sewer fodder. If this happened here at SHZHVFD, these fine gentlement would have violated at least four major Policies and Guidelines. The worst of all is the weapon on the property and the "Acting" taking place. Yes a knee jerk reaction is not called for, however, there would be promotions made off of the Promotional List, and hiring others to fill the vacancies. A lynching, no! A Valid Termination of these personnel per our Policies and Guidelines, Yes. Sorry to the others who think otherwise, but we in the Fire Service are held to a higher level of accountability than the average Civillian. If we allow this type of erosion of our public trust, they will not call us in the time of their need, they may have their own "Knee Jerk" reaction and truely demonstrate a loss of trust when we need them to help assure our jobs are safe. Sorry again, I have scene enough to know right from wrong, and this is just wrong period!


Get everyone in on it - good laughs

Film it - ain't digital great!

Post it to youtube - on your down time at the station

Include your Station number - so everyone knows

Include all of the participant's names - so everyone gets full credit


Manpower - taxpayer dollars

Digital camera - couple hundred dollars

Sit back and wait for the pink slip - feckin priceless.


Looks like there will be a few job openings at Station 108.

Ain'T Occupational Suicide Great??? Pensions gone, Never to work as a Firefighter again!!! These guys obviously didn't use the stuff between their ears very hard, if they would have used common sense, and I do not mean Lincolns, futures may have been assured, instead of lost. 

There is absolutely nothing funny or cute about this. This is an act of domestic terrorism. And it should be treated as so. If this cute perp holding his pants up with one hand and a firearm in the other is a firefighter he should on the street as of now. I can only imagine what was going through the minds of the unsuspecting firefighters. 

There is no excuse for this behavior. 

Here is my answer to the “what do I think question” as to this prank. Well I shake my head in a negative fashion saying to myself, "what were they thinking?" The station looks well kept, personal look clean and professional. And that’s all I have to base my judgment on. In the last 25 years I have made some bad decisions and some worse decisions. And as a previous writer wrote I’m sure this sounded funny when they were planning it but someone should have stopped for a moment to think of the repercussions of the event. The fact that the media has it only makes the department look as if the chief is running a frat house. Public perception is a matter that needs to be at the top of our thinking and actions especially during these times of economic hardships our communities are going through. When councils and commissioners and boards across the nation are shutting houses down to save money the question you everyone’s mind should be, is this the image you really want them to have in their heads?

all i can say is wow...

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