ATLANTA - Authorities say a firefighter is being dismissed after taking cell phone video footage of a woman killed in a SUV crash that the dead woman's parents later received.

Officials said Terrence Reid in Spalding County, central Georgia, was notified Thursday he was being fired.

Authorities said Reid took graphic footage of Dayna Kempson-Schacht, 23, from the SUV crash into trees July 17. Officials say the video was texted by a firefighter to others and eventually forwarded to the parents by an acquaintance.

The county said Reid was being fired for giving misleading or false statements to investigators and for conduct unbecoming of a public employee.

Reid's attorney, M. Michael Kendall, did not immediately return a phone message to The Associated Press.

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Good decision.
Good riddance.
Now; the rest of the fire departments needs cell phone video/photos policies that will greatly reduce the likelihood that this type of incident can happen again.
This is just so egregious.
Smart move on the townships part. To bad the damage is already done to both the victims family and our profession. Good luck sweeping streets jacka$$...That's where you belong.
Right on!
What an idiot.

And agreed, good riddance. Should be no tolerance for crap like this.
This is the only justifiable recourse. Anything less would have added insult to injury.

I am with you Art. Even though our department already has a policy, I am pushing to make it even more rigid, not only for cell phones and video-graphic images, but stronger concerning what may be posted to social media sites as well.
Definitely the right decision!
Unfortunately Chief, no matter what SOP/SOG's we put in place, there is always going to be "that one Jacka$$" that's going to pull this foolish BS. SOP/SOG's aside we have to police ourselves,the next time someone pulls a cellphone or camera out on the scene remind them that's someones family member and use alittle commonsense and compassion. I still don't see how they have the time to shoot pics, I'm usually up to my eyes with PT care or traffic/crowd control.

Enough said.
Great decision! No man or women to pull an act like this deserves to call themselves a firefighter or be a member of a fire department.
Same from me and I also still say the idiotstick needs to be locked in the room with the family!
Good riddance! I still don't see how he was able to do this without his fellow crew members or his officer seeing him. I can't help but wonder what his job at the scene was supposed to be.

We've had a policy on this subject for a few years now, although there was never an incident that required it, just planning ahead. Stay safe!
This guy tarnished all of our badges, good bye and I hope he never gets another job in the fire service, this guy was trash and they fired him a very good move.
Amen to this Art.

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