Georgia Firefighter Accused Of Sharing Video Of Fatal Accident Victim

GRIFFIN, Ga. - A Georgia county is looking into whether any rules were violated after a firefighter took graphic cell phone video of a fatal crash that was shared with other firefighters, patrons at a bar and was later received by the father of the woman who died.

Jeff Kempson tells Atlanta station WAGA-TV he doesn't understand why a firefighter would have taken the video of his daughter, 23-year-old Dayna Kempson-Schacht. She died July 17 when her car crashed into trees.

The Spalding County Sheriff's office says a firefighter took the video on his personal cell phone and shared it with other firefighters. An unknown firefighter later took the video to a bar and texted it to other patrons. From there, the video spread.


Information from: WAGA-TV,

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I respectfully disagree.
You do not need a social media policy to know that THIS was wrong on many levels.
The person responsible should NEVER be permitted at a scene of an incident ever again and more importantly, have the right to call himself a firefighter.
What he did wasn't criminal.
It was cowardly. He "gut punched" a grieving family and ran away.
He should most definitely be fired.
Civil Service
I can tell you that if any employee at my company (day job) did something that was just as stupid as this their butts would be on the next bus to the unemployment office. If any fire fighter at my station pulled a stunt like this his butt would be on the next bus to the unemployment office. Both companies have high standards and they expect their employees to set an example for those around them. Neither would want to be publicly disgraced because of someone who was idiotic and disrespectful. Would you even want to work with someone who was like that? What is your idea of severely punished? Two weeks of not going on calls?
Why does it matter if it is legal or not? Have some morals and respect for the victims and their families. There is absolutely no reason for a video to be taken at a scene like this from a personal cell phone. If the CO wants some photos for training and/or documantation fine, but this shows complete disrepect. I feel for the family that has to deal with this. Causing more pain and remourse for them to go through.
I'll have to differ with you on that one. A persons face is an identifier.That would be like if someone hung your picture in a hospital ED and captioned it with" Beware treated for Chlamydia/GC" it doesn't have your name but you walk into that ED and everyone will know it's you. (by the way I'm not accusing you of having STD) just an example. That person that posted your picture has violated HIPPA. Do you realize if you take a picture of a MCV that is a fatal and you can see the license plate# that can be used as a violation. Saw a lawyer pull that one out of his hat in a case locally and it stuck. Why, you can use the lic #, make model of vehicle and it can identify the owner. Just something to think about. By the way which part of NH are you in. My wife is from Alton Bay.
Don't get off the subject matter, that is, that a injured person or dead individual is being filmed by a fire fighter who is on the scene to help that patient. It is bad enough that the fire fighter took the film, but that he was stupid enough to give it to a buddy, who then shared it with others. My only hope is that these guys do not have children the stupidty might extend. My department took pictures at accident scenes but our photographer had strict orders no faces. That order came from the village attorney. This was done to safegard the privacy of the people.

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