Now beeing im a grill junkie and love to cook outdoors, I personally dont like to use propane grills. You just dont get the flavors right in my opinion. mesquite is the only way to go

What method does everyone eles prefer?

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Damn....left overs again.?.........LOL
I guess you'll just have to take it where you can get it ;-)
I guess.........
Wood or charcoal is the only way to go.You're right about no flavor using gas.Conveinient but it sucks for flavor.Good dry maple and oak burned down to a nice thick bed of coals is where it's at.
TRAEGER GRILL enough said

As a hazmat guy, I have no problem using propane on my gas barbeque.

What ruined my weber bbq experience was learning that those flavors you are referring to are also chalked full of unburned radicals and other nasties through the smoldering effect of the contained fire. You want that smoke but it's the stuff in the smoke that we as firefighters worry about in regard to inhalation / cancer concerns. The only difference is that you are ingesting it. We know better. This is more of a big deal for young children (small biological units with multi-dividing cells that sometimes also have opinions.

But still... damn it... the meat tastes better using oak in my opinion but I rationalize that it is ok as long as it is an open fire... Will you back me on this one Karr? Anyone?


"Happy cows make happy meat, the kind of meat that you like to eat!"
now... now...
don't be that way...
most people can't ever have me for dinner...
it is a luxury reserved for a few...
so left overs... is still sweet and tasty ;-)
CBz - that is hysterical

"Happy cows make happy meat, the kind of meat that you like to eat!"

CBz - I had a whole response typed up for you, but (as usual) Cecil Adams does a far better and more entertaining job of it that I ever could:

On a personal note, I like the smoky taste for anything slow barbecued (like ribs or shoulder meat - neither of which they know how to do in do in Australia) but I like the high heat of gas for fast cooking steaks and pork chops.
I like charcoal too but am unable to use it where Ilive so, Unfortunately I use propane.
Hey!I have this poster somewhere!
i was giving a propane grill but i have found out that u can get some oak wood slaps to put on the grill and makes it all taste better

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