As a newer member of the fire fighter nation, I am asking members to become friends with me. I am a volunteer firefighter with rescue experience, fire experience, and also an EMT. I have a fairly large amount of certifications in almost all aspects of firefighting, so now I am just looking to add friends to trade information. I am also certified as an Instructor so any training ideas would be of a great benefit. I am also interested in hearing tips from fellow firefighters which may be able to safe my life or a life of a member of my fire department! Thanks

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No offense, but much of the information you seek can be found in these discussions, from training and trade information to blowing off steam. You can guage by some responses and can always invite someone to be a friend. It is easy to start discussions and get different ideas and perspectives without asking for someone to be a friend. Starting a discussion can give you multiple views and ideas, vs just a one on one, but again you could always invite someone to be a friend if you want a one on one. Just my opinion here.
welcome to the nation...stay safe
hes kinda crabbe
More like Crabby... :D

Just giving an opinion that one can find a lot of the same info by perusing the forums, nothing wrong by looking for friends, just a different perspective.
i understand you just playn around lol i hope in this business u have a sence of humor or ud b hell to work with
Welcome to FFN, Be sure to check out the FFN Meet and Greet Section... I think you may find exactly what you are looking for there. TCSS
I would say I have a good sense of humor.....pretty much an essential in the fire service, just hard to portray on forums.

Actually though, I just find it better that training ideas or suggestions, perspectives and so forth may be more beneficial with different types of input, vs a one on one discussion. That way many people can take advantage of the input and perspective.
Mr. Crabbe, you are correct in saying that the forums and blogs have information I may be looking for. I am using this to make friends for one and as far as my other endeavors such as instructors and fire prevention officers and what have you, you may be correct in saying that a forum would be of a better help as many others can have input. One thing I was looking to do with some of my friends was to get information resources, lesson plans and other ideas that many people have used that they haven't spoke of in a forum type message. As for your first comment, I took no offense to that because, as you said reading things on a forum or computer screen, those words or typings have or show no emotions they are just words! Thank you for all your help!

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