Just a reminder and caution, there are those who attempt to use this site as a means to solicit or phish. Please be careful. Many may be simple harmless requests for friendship while others are attempts to draw you in to trap you. The administration of this site does much to try to stay on top of this issue. However, you are the ones being solicited, spammed and Phished.  Unwanted e-mails and friend requests must be looked at with a cautious eye. The same with people coming in here that are not with a department or recognized agency. If it looks odd it probably is. It appears that some of this Phishing is generated by unscrupulous individuals that are attempting to use this site to ultimately get your private information and financial information for theft from you. Be aware!  They are discovered and cut out of the site and they reappear a few days latter under a new name. It seams at times they try to use your good will or emotional cries to try and trap you. I could name so many names that I have seen over time that I have seen of people doing just that on here. Please be aware and use caution. They are lurking and Phishing to steal from you.

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Yes, guys I am joking but your right one must be careful!

Apparently there are some also soliciting for trading of patches an fire equipment but not following through on the exchange. Just be careful my friends................................  

A common scam is the "t-shirt exchange." If someone is soliciting fire t-shirts, don't send them anything unless they send you something first.

Yeah, I had some gal email me today... Lol really????

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