Just a reminder and caution, there are those who attempt to use this site as a means to solicit or phish. Please be careful. Many may be simple harmless requests for friendship while others are attempts to draw you in to trap you. The administration of this site does much to try to stay on top of this issue. However, you are the ones being solicited, spammed and Phished.  Unwanted e-mails and friend requests must be looked at with a cautious eye. The same with people coming in here that are not with a department or recognized agency. If it looks odd it probably is. It appears that some of this Phishing is generated by unscrupulous individuals that are attempting to use this site to ultimately get your private information and financial information for theft from you. Be aware!  They are discovered and cut out of the site and they reappear a few days latter under a new name. It seams at times they try to use your good will or emotional cries to try and trap you. I could name so many names that I have seen over time that I have seen of people doing just that on here. Please be aware and use caution. They are lurking and Phishing to steal from you.

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Sooner or latter their gonna hit you. Most of the time its the newbies!

Thank you for addressing this issue, Chief!!  I have seen it happen quite a bit myself and even was cut off from the site for a short time because, somehow, my account had been hit, too!!

I find that a good way around this is to not just accept a friend request from people you have never talked to. Just like real life....if a person walks up and asks to be your friend, do you say "yes" right away? Well, I wouldn't. Instead of clicking yes or no, check out their profile and look into it first. Invite them for conversation.

Thanks for putting out the warning to the new members, as well as those with itchy trigger fingers on the "accept" button.

Every time these idiots come in here they seem to target the new people because the newbies dont know any better and havnt seen these people previously. The new people are wanting to make friends and get to know us so they become quick marks for these unscrupulous turds looking to deceive someone. Unfortunately, just about anyone can come in here and attempt to be a member by saying anything they want and we have very little to determine otherwise until they expose the real reason they are here and begin spamming or phishing us.

Can they be banned from this site too? I got an email from certain "Kate Williams" below is her email to me:

hi my how are you today i hope that you are fine my name is Kate williams  am 23 years old am from Liberia  please can we be a good friend's am a good girl with respect i will tell you all about me latter please i will expect your reply very soon please try to reply thanks from yours good friend Kate.i find your email here on this website..(my.firefighternation.com)

Stephen, send me here e-mail address and her Firefighter nation name, IE what is her name on here? I can get that to the Webchief and we can get her outa here if she isnt already.

Here is her email address:


I dont know here name here on FFN, I'll try to search her. Thanks Fireyladd-Chief Sharp. Stay safe Brother.

Here is the result of my search here on FFN members: (of a named Kate Williams from Liberia)

Sorry, no members matching your search were found. You can modify your search or view all members.

Probably already axed by the webchief. They are really on top of the idiots these days.

Let me know if you find Kate!  I sent her $1,000 last month and still haven't received my Liberia fire patch!

What a b#tch!

Dust; please tell us your your joking.

Are you kidding me?

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