Working at a different station for this cycle, younger crew, they're very gungho and like to joke around. I passed out in the recliner after the 5oclock news and the station phone was going off. I finally woke up to answer it and talked to my old captain for a little while. He was asking how I liked the new station, and telling about how my new captain was a real good guy. I noticed no one was in the station after I got off the phone, I walked into the engine bay and the truck was GONE! First thought come to mind...."$#!& NOT AGAIN" I slept through an alarm one time when I moved from a ladder to an engine. It was like 3am and I heard the alarm go off but I heard them call out the engine and I didn't think about it and just went back to bed thinking it wasn't my truck I was on the ladder. I checked the dispatch box in the capts office and it showed all units were in quarters so I knew they weren't out on a run. Turns out for the past couple shifts whenever I'd pass out for an hr or two they'd take off without me and sneak back in without me realizing it. Gotta love working with guys who enjoy their job and like to pick and have a good time.
Anyone else got some pranks and jokes played on them from the firehouse they'd like to share?

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well, it wasn't done to me, but I was part of the planning.

one night, one of our youngin's had too much to drink at the local bar, and walked home, or attempted to. he made it as far as the station, went to one of the cots, and of course, passed out.

we left him sleep about 1 1/2 hrs, then proceeded to wrap both him and the cot in several wool blankets, covering his head, and leaving a "breathing hole" the only thing exposed was his nose. see, it was November, and snowing to beat all.

anyway, we secured the blanket, and 4 of us took him out of the station, across the street, and positioned him right in front of the ATM, and went back to the station to watch the circus.

while there were several people who attempted to use the ATM, took one look at him, looked around, got back into their cars and obviously went to another more unobstructed ATM. it was quite the show, something from the old show "Candid Camera"

well, after about a 3 hr nap, he awoke. I guess the little mound of snow that had formed on his exposed nose was annoying him, as we watched him start to wiggle a little bit, trying to blow the snow off his face, as well as get up.

well, after a fit of laughter, those of use responsible for putting him in his "happy place" went back across the street, retrieved him, and brought him back to the station, the whole time he was ranting expletives and swearing revenge.
wow thats pretty awesome, would have loved to seen the faces on the people trying to use the atm. We had a late run last night, when we got back my capt decided to take a shower so I waited til her got in the shower and shut off the hotwater heater and ran back into my bunk. I heard him shouting and cussing. A few minutes later he walked into our bedroom and shut on the lights and walked back to his bedroom. Gonna be an interesting rest of the cycle, that's for sure.
You remind me of the time a Lt (not mine) asked a rookie to get off the engine and put the door down "because the remote wouldn't work." As the rookie leaned in to push the button the engine sped away, leaving him standing there. He got the last laugh, though. He jumped into a brush truck and followed the engine to the call.

we used to do the turning off the hot water heater, until the Chief was on the receiving end one evening, and that wasn't quite as funny, so he put a lock on the heater, but all that did was cause us to improvise, and just turn on a booster line on the person in the shower.

we had a smaller guy hide on the floor of the Deputy Chief's Suburban one afternoon, the unsuspecting DC was a few miles down the road when our "passenger" got up onto the seat, and just sat there quietly, until our DC looked in the rearview mirror, and was scared out of his wits when he saw his "passenger".
Just a thought but it's blogs like this that give us a bad rep with the public be careful...
yeah, you are right about that....
Here are a bunch from youtube...

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