Does anyone have a workout routine tailored to jobs that we perform on the fireground? My guys are wanting to get into better shape but incorporate actuals tasks that we would face on the scene of various calls.

We have a kaiser sled and some kettlebells. We drag 5" LDH, we drag 2.5" hose, we drag a dummy. All of these are in a circuit program that we run through. I've looked online and found some interesting ideas, but a lot of it involves situps pushups and pullups. Don't get me wrong I do strongly believe in these workouts but we're looking for more fireground oriented ideas. We're looking into getting an old telephone pole and a big tractor tire. I'm trying to add in climbing a ladder and doing something with it just haven't had too much thought into the idea.

The routine we have right now is pretty good and will leave you tired and wore out in no time, but the more things we can add in to it the more interesting and challenging it makes. We eventually plan on moving up to doing this in full gear going on air. But this is after we have designed our program exactly how we want it, and have done it several weeks and are able to move up to this feat.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I'd really like to know what other departments are doing to stay in shape and get better physically fit, instead of just the norm of going to the gym.

-Logue LCFD

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You mention several exercises that are included in the physical agility test you complete when applying for the job. That's where I'd start, then I'd go from there.
Yeah we wanted to take things from the FireFighter Combat Challenge, from the C-PAT, and just from other departments ideas.
What the air force requires us to do is:
1 carrey a 50 ft section of 3 in 100 ft (50 down 50 back)
2 carrey a 10 ft roof ladder 50 feet and put it up
3 goto a ladder that is already put up climb it three times to the tenth rung (feet to the tenth rung)
4 pull a hundred foot section of 5 in on a piece of sheet metal 100 ft
5 hit a tractor tire 12 inches on a table waist high
6 drag a 145 lbs dummy 100 feet (50 down 50 back)
7 drag a 1 3/4 handline charged 100 feet
8 go back to the ladder and climb it two more times to the 10th rung
9 take down the ladder you put up at the begining carrey it 50 feet and set it down.
10 carrey a set of spreaders 100 feet (50 down 50 back)
We had to do that completely bunked out on air in 8 mins or less. We had two chances to do it once during FF 2 and once during airport fire fighter if we didn't complete it we were kicked out of the academy. Hope this helps.
In addition to most of what you listed: We also had to hook up a supply line/open/close a hydrant using a hydrant wrench; when we climbed the ladder we had to pick up and carry a highrise pack up and down; hit a railroad tie 10 times with a sledge hammer. Time limit was a little under 9 minutes.
saw a video last week they were plaing basketball in full turn outs on air it helps to teach how to coserve air and it is a good work out
check out These guys really got me into shape strength and cardiovascular.

Good site with some different workout ideas and food plans.
Have everyone get a physical first....You don't want to kill them, just help them get into shape....always get MD approval first
Re: MD Approval

Hopefully they are already getting yearly physicals. If so, then there should be no need for additional approval since the workouts are typically what we go through on the job anyway.
Check out this company training by San Diego Fire on The Battalion. Episode 7.
Go to and type in Cherokee County Firefighter 135lb Workout. This is a workout that a couple of our guys do on a regular basis now. When the video was made, it was their first time trying it out. Hope this helps, by the way, i am jealous of the kaiser sled!!!!
Actual training is a pretty good workout and you learn a lot from it to. My volunteer department has a training building out back (not a large brick deal, just a two story, one room, wood + metal siding, shed-type deal...) and we train in it once a week. Even a one story shed would work. We practice offensive fire attack, patient rescue drills, etc. every week... and always in full PPE and SCBAs. Definitely a good workout (esp. the patient rescue drills). And it gets people familiar with the engines, hose lays, repacking hose, tools, etc.

We have a wood-wall frame stuck in the ground that we attach different materials to, like plywood, metal siding, etc. and practice breaching walls.

A few times a year we go to the local junk yard and practice vehicle extrication... my arms were killing me the next day after helping take apart 6 cars.

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