Well, not really, but I was wondering what members are reading and what you would recommend to other members.
A few years ago, I read "Report from Ground Zero" by Dennis Smith and then I asked others who wanted to read it. As the book made its away around the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain, I would have my friends write a little something in the book.
A book that I am currently reading is "Euro Firefighter" by Paul Grimwood and I got to tell you that this should be the "must read" for all fire officers. It is fantastic. I would rate it 5 stars.
What are you reading?

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Excellent book. I read it.
There's book out there called "Verical Burn" that is great, though I can't remember the author. Good fiction.

A must read for all new firefighters and older jakes that need to be rejuvenated...
Working my way through "Pride and Ownership" (Lasky). It was recommended to me on this site by countless friends. I was at a book sale at our library recently (word to the wise, library book sales are a fabulous and inexpensive way to pick up a pile of great reads at next to nothing) and spotted it on one of the carrels. How much? 50 cents.
I'm about half way through right now (I'd be finished with it already, but I spend too much time on here!) --it's very well written, engaging, and brings you to the point without belaboring it.

I usually have two or three books going at one time, but haven't had a lot of reading time lately.
Jinx FETC !

First In; Last Out by BC John Salka is an excellent book on leadership. You can take his principles and apply them anywhere in your life. His principles could be used to run businesses, coach sports teams or run fire departments. And he does it with a no nonsense approach.
I need to get Lasky's book.
Oh were to start? There are many great books out there, and not just service related either. Right now I am reaeding "Year of the Fire" by Stephen Pyne. It is about the 1910 fires in the Pacific Northwest. Those fires created alot of heroes and legends in this area. Stephen Pyne is a great right about fire service. Many of his books have to do with the wildland side of the the business. A good author also is Earl Emerson. He is a fiction writer but also a firefighter from the Seattle area. He has written many books and all of them are good reads.
I've been "collecting" fire service books since becoming a volunteer seven years ago - this is what's currently on my shelf and a dozen more are on my Amazon 'watch list' waiting for the price to drop. (And now I need to go check some titles from this forum I wasn't aware of.) Most are out of print now but you can find almost all as a used book on Amazon or on E-bay. Anyway, this is thrown out there just in case some of you see a title you have not read - I recommend all of them as worthwhile reading. Andy

General firefighting - third person
- Last American Heroes
- Braving the Flames
-Firefighters (Smith)
- Fire Fighters (Willis)
- The Fire Inside
- Amswering the Bell

Volunteer Firefighting Memoir
- Fire, Blood and Forty Below
- Population: 485
- Thoughts on Fire

Career Firefighter Memoir
- Thirty Years on the Line
- Working Fire
- Saving Troy (NY)
- The Brave
- Rescue Squad
- Report From Engine Co. 82
- 20,000 Alarms
- Ghetto Firefighter
- On Fire
- Turnout
- Days and Nights of Fire

- Arson!
- Heat

911-inspired or NYC-related
- Strong of Heart
- Report From Ground Zero
- Firehouse
- Last Man Down
- Firehouse Down

History of major fires
- Young Men and Fire
- Boston on Fire
- Circus Fire
- To Sleep With the Angels
- Triangle
- So Others Might Live
- The Day the MGM Grand Burned
- Fire in the Grove
- 3000 Degrees

- Angels of Emergency
- Ambulance Girl
- Burn Unit
- Trauma Junkie
- Into the Breach

Leadership/Lessons Learned
- First In, Last Out
- Firefighters From the Heart
I am reading the following:
Chief Fire Officer's Desk Reference ------ definitely recommend
User's Manual for NFPA 921
Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations
Fire Attack -- Strategy and Tactics of Initial Company Response
Management in the Fire service
and of course
The 19th Edition Fire Protection Handbook volumes 1 and 2

These are all part of college.. but if only I could remember everything written in these books....
Currently, I am reading "Euro Firefighter" by Paul Grimwood.
It should be required reading for an fire officer-career or volunteer.
Much discussion on the "error chain".
Awesome book.
Just got this one as a gift - haven't had time to start it yet, but it looks really good. I've been too busy ready the new curriculum that I'm teaching for FFI & II!!!!

The last one I got out for a re-read is "Who Moved My Cheese" by Spencer Johnson. He has written extensively on adapting to change. Maybe even more appropriate for today's budgeting difficulties. I think that counts as an "euphamisim."
Firefighting books
Last Men Out: Life on the Edge at Rescue 2 Firehouse by Tom Downey
Report From Engine Co. 82 by Dennis Smith
Firefighters put together by the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation
Management in the Fire Service
Strategic and Tactical Considerations on the Fireground (its a textbook) by James Smith

Other Favorites
Dirk Pitt Series by Clive Cussler
Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy
Black Hawk Down by Tom Bowden

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