Hi....Me again....Now this is NOT another Career vs Vollie post...Someone asked for stats (I think it was Heather)...So, I got nosey and found this information from the United States Fire Administration....all stats are from 2008.  Total Firefighters in US    1,148,850...Career 321,700, Volunteer 827,150. Firefighter age groups....   ages....16-19...  4%, 20-29... 25%, 30-39...26%, 40-49...24%, 50-59...15%, >60...6%.   76% of Career Firefighters are in communities of 25,000 or more ......96% of Volunteer Firefighters are in communities of 25000 or less of which 50% are in rural areas with populations of less that 2500......I found this little exercise very interesting (doesn't take much to get me "interested" I guess....LOL)  Stay safe....always remember to Keep the Faith......Paul

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I just pictured a holstein strapped on your back.... as you go about your day...


btw - ALL women are not that way - some of us are quite charming and enjoyable to have around

married 8 times....?!!! well, they say practice makes perfect.....LOL
You should come over to the Bat-cave so we can "discuss" things.....8)
i am already IN the batcave - look harder
Master Dust - P with a whip
Miss Heather,

My addressing you as "Miss" was merely southern vernacular but I will let you hold on to that mistress fantasy if you wish....and no your not going to bait me into saying the "P" word again.
Ohhhh thats you....? I thought it was a big bat flying around...but now I see...it is you on your broom........LOL
Thanks for the close up pic of ur nose mouth and tongue Heather.
MJ - I had a my nose done - it is so nice... I had to share... I no longer need tissues...

And Dustin... (I REALLY LIKE MY fantasies so thankyou for supporting them)... [and I love southern vernacular, so don't lose it]...

and you are SOOOO EASY... I don't even have to bait my hook with you... you jump at the hook... I thought Greg would drop in with his English grammar wisdom - but since he is late to the conversation - I must proceed... so prepare to be schooled by Mistress Heather...

(randomhouse.com) Define Miss, Ms, and Mrs.

The titles Miss and Mrs. are both abbreviations of the word mistress. The missis (or the missus) is a dialectal or informal term for one's wife, or the mistress (female head) of a household. The pronunciation (MISS-iz, MISS-is) reflects an altered pronunciation of mistress.

The word mistress had many meanings in Middle English, some of which are still familiar today: female head of a household, goddess, sweetheart, expert in some occupation, teacher, and governess.

Basically, mistress referred to a woman who had expertise, power, and control.

But it was also used as a title of courtesy when addressing an unmarried or married woman. The sense to which you refer, the 'other woman; the woman who occupies the place of wife' came into English about 1600.

The abbreviation or shortened form miss was first used in 1645 (in John Evelyn's Diary) to mean 'a concubine; a kept mistress'. About twenty years later, Samuel Pepys first used the term as a capitalized title before the name of a girl or unmarried woman. Around the same time, John Dryden first used Miss as a term of address. There are also examples in which it referred to a female baby.

The abbreviation Mrs. was first used in 1615 before the name of a married woman, as it is today. However, to confuse matters, it was also the abbreviation of mistress in all the many senses of that word, and it also distinguished an unmarried woman from a child: "Mrs. Veal was a maiden gentlewoman." (Daniel Defoe, The History of Colonel Jack)

The male equivalent of mistress was master, which meant, among other things, 'male head of a household'. In the 16th century, master changed to mister and the abbreviation Mr. arose to identify a man but not his marital status.

So it appears that the uses of Mr. and Mrs. were somewhat parallel until the 19th century. At that time, Mrs. began to refer only to a married woman.
Mine too

making you the sadist (dominant)... and me the masochist (submissive)

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