Hi....Me again....Now this is NOT another Career vs Vollie post...Someone asked for stats (I think it was Heather)...So, I got nosey and found this information from the United States Fire Administration....all stats are from 2008.  Total Firefighters in US    1,148,850...Career 321,700, Volunteer 827,150. Firefighter age groups....   ages....16-19...  4%, 20-29... 25%, 30-39...26%, 40-49...24%, 50-59...15%, >60...6%.   76% of Career Firefighters are in communities of 25,000 or more ......96% of Volunteer Firefighters are in communities of 25000 or less of which 50% are in rural areas with populations of less that 2500......I found this little exercise very interesting (doesn't take much to get me "interested" I guess....LOL)  Stay safe....always remember to Keep the Faith......Paul

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Hey I spent many years in Carolinas and Alabama and even a bit in Georgia...so I am sort of an honorary redneck myself.....what...? No meeting the sister?.....Damn....I hate a guy that doesn't like a little competition.....LOL
Miss Heather,

I am sure Paul is very familiar with the term without your explanation and yes, you still have much to learn young jedi!
Yes Master
I am....? Me...? BATMAN....? Holy batshit....!!!
went and jumped ship on me I see......LOL
oh no Master Paul, you could never be second best ;-)

Did you ever wonder why Dust calls me "Miss" which as we all know is short for "Mistress?"

So, Paul, as you will be serving me - you may refer to me with "Yes, Mistress Heather" or "Yes, Lady Heather" (as referenced in CSI - if you ever saw that episode)

[in real life I sign my text msgs and emails "Lady Heather"]
If Dust has faith in you... then so do I !
There is no such thing as a married man thats p_____whipped. That just does not happen anymore. Its not possible. I dont believe it.

If I say it enough times that makes it true right? right?
RIGHT !!! M J times have changed

80% of women now report that they are not interested in being married, since they can get the sausage for free, why buy the pig?
Wow Heather, most guys feel the same way....Why get saddled with a cow when the milk is free......
pretty soon the ONLY people getting married will be same-gender couples... and stupid teenagers who don't have any clue about real-life yet

my one friend is on her 8th husband - that is just full-blown psychosis right there [yeah, 2 died, but that still leaves 6 divorces]

and since the average U.S. divorce costs $30-50K per person... it is cheaper to kill them off, then divorce them... or marry them in the first place I guess

damn, i sound jaded today

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