Hi....Me again....Now this is NOT another Career vs Vollie post...Someone asked for stats (I think it was Heather)...So, I got nosey and found this information from the United States Fire Administration....all stats are from 2008.  Total Firefighters in US    1,148,850...Career 321,700, Volunteer 827,150. Firefighter age groups....   ages....16-19...  4%, 20-29... 25%, 30-39...26%, 40-49...24%, 50-59...15%, >60...6%.   76% of Career Firefighters are in communities of 25,000 or more ......96% of Volunteer Firefighters are in communities of 25000 or less of which 50% are in rural areas with populations of less that 2500......I found this little exercise very interesting (doesn't take much to get me "interested" I guess....LOL)  Stay safe....always remember to Keep the Faith......Paul

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YOU told YOUR secret

I just coy-ly laughed as though I had not been in your secret room last night and I knew nothing of your night-time escapades
Holy shit Batman......!!!! What now.....? My crime fighting days are over.....8(
As catwoman, I need a new brooding, yet craft and wise side-kick... you could come be my valet... since I know it can be tough as an out-of-work super hero
you're a bat, not a bird... keep your stories straight

... and you're not a "bad guy" you just "play one" on tv
I could have told you there where a crap load more Vollie's out there ... LOL And if it is anything like it is here they fight more fires then the Career guys ... mainly cause they are called to all Fires in there area, and Career only get called to the ones in the area of the city they cover ....
what's it pay....? or is it just fringe benefits....? 8)
Hey Batman is a good guy......actually Catwoman is a bad kitty.....probably just needs a good spanking......LOL
Someone asked for stats...I did the research and gave them the stats.....
JUST fringe benefits

... dang, you only say that BECAUSE you haven't seen MY FRINGE

you'll be offering to pay me ;-)
Promises... Promises...
That's not true. Volunteer departments are volunteer because they are rural areas that don't have many people. When you only have 5000 people in your city, fires won't happen often. Therefore, you don't see as much fire. In career departments, you usually have more of an urban area. Urban areas are where most fires happen. In DC, I run 2-5 box alarms/tour. Not all working fires, but we still end up getting that extra training and experience that vollys don't get. We do have at least 1-2 working fires every day in the city which is plenty in 62 square miles.
Heather but that would make you........ummmm, my boss....LOL

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