By signing your name by clicking reply here, I am hearby agreeing that I will

1. Wear my seat belt while responding to or returning from any fire call, whether Apparatus or POV.

2. Exercise Due regard while driving, regardless of the nature of the call.

3. Exercise Safety on the fire ground, and always watch out for the safety of those around me.

4. Treat all firefighters fairly and with equality. (regardless of sex, or race)

5. Promote training to everyone on my department, and commit myself into the training my department offers.

It sounds foolish, but hopefully we can start a trend to getting eyes opened to the way things should be. Please type Name and Department

Revised addition 28/FEB/08

I plan on taking the masses of signatures and printing off copies. I plan on going to Local Legislature and working my way up to the State level to try and secure some more support (via elected officials) to end this seat belt controversy once and for all on a National Level. Once I have secured my states ear on the matter, I am willing and prepared to move to other states in my area to also Lobby the movement as well. If you all are as willing as I am to make a stand, sign on board and be part of the Movement. I will be posting segments updating progress here and on my blog. I do plan on trying to get as many signatures as I can to show we have overwhelming support as well. Keep the Signatures coming, and thank you

Revision 05/MAR/08
I want to thank all whom have signed and for your thoughts and opinions on the matter. These names will be a great help. Feel free for additional commentary on the matter at a seperate forum Post started by my good friend FASNY Training.
The site is

This has been used to bump it to the top of the forum postings on the main page but also as a commentary and support section as we try to get this moved along.
Thanks again.


I am psyched at the vitality this has taken on today. Thank you to WebChief for sparking the newest wave of signatures. This new wave is inspiring to continue on the mission of pestering the hell out of any politician who will bother to respond. I have gotten at least a dozen "we received your letter and due to volume can't respond to all"
If ANY of you out there want to do more, start writing your congressional delegates. Include the pledge. Show them that we are truely 1 nation who is done with the lack of seat belt's causing LODD's
Thank you all again for all the help and your pledges.


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Michael S. Deniger Sr

Hope Valley Wyoming Fire Department RI
North of the Border

(no I am not taking this in jest, but as mentioned before, I like to keep my anonymity. Proud of what I do and who I represent, but we have some old schoolers who believe what goes on in the department, stays in the department. Sorry, no name here, just an honour to keep the pledge).
Marie Waters
Fairfax County Fire Department volunteer station 13
Fairfax County, Virginia
Brad Dietlin

Bellevue Volunteer Fire and Rescue
Bellevue Nebraska
Lane Doby

Piedmont-Triad Ambulance & Rescue, NC
Michael "Mick" Mayers
Hilton Head Island Fire & Rescue/SC US&R TF1
Hilton Head Island, SC
Kim Alexander
Anchor Point Volunteer Fire Department.
Tiger Schmittendorf
Deputy Fire Coordinator
Erie County Emergency Services
Cheektowaga NY
Joe Stoltz
2nd Asst. Chief
Bristol Vol. Fire Dept.
Deputy EMS Coordinator
Ontario County, NY
Art Goodrich
President, CTFPD Board of Trustees
On behalf of the Department
Bobby J King
Madison County Emergency Services Division
EMS I generalized into the fire service, and I agree fall into the guidelines.

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