so ive seen backdraft and ladder 49 but i watched another movie today actually it was a bet i had losted and was forced into it.

fireproof, i ended up watching it with a freind of mine it wasnt half bad some spots were like uhhh wow.. anyone see this ?

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Fireproof is a great movie and accualy i meet a couple in the hospital the other day that said that movie changed there lifes. I also liked it a lot.
What about the old classic series, "Emergency". Doesn't anyone remember that. This was on every week and was based out of either San Francisco Fire or Las Angeles Fire. Not sure on the location. But it was always fun to watch. TV Land had them on for a while and suddenly they took them off. I have to agree on the, "The Towering Inferno" As for, "Fireproof" if you've seen "Facing the Giants", it's about the same in terms of your relationship with God. That's cool.
Yes, I've seen "Fireproof" and it is an excellent film. I had not heard about it before seeing it on the store shelf. I bought it just based off of the title and the DVD cover. Since this discussion is titled firefighter movies, If anyone is interested in other firefighter films, I would recommend "Smoke Jumper" with Brooke Burns.
fire proof is a good movie
i dunno, ladder 49 creaps me out bc im just going through trainings now... i know the dangers involved but i end up with nightmares after i watch it...
Ironicly I was having some issues with my marriage....we watched it together, withing a week later things took a turn for the better, there is a bigger message there than the firefighting thing but all in all not too bad a movie.
okay movie not what expected!
I have not seen it yet but my sons bought me Back Draft and Ladder 49 since they are vol firemen. Youngest brought a paper home advertising this new one Fireproof and I would like to see it as well as add it to my collection.
fireproof is a great movie. The book dares really is true also. One of my friends parents were going through some tough times and i passed the book on, it seemed to help i think.
Thank you I need to find the book then and read it first. I know they take a lot out of the movies cause there is not much room for the entire book. But I love my firemen and I want to understand all I can since my boys and nephew are one now.
I havent seen either Backdraft or Ladder 49....what are each about so I can watch one....WHich one has more FF in?
It was on the tv but I was bsn the entire movie so not sure what to think abo it

Backdraft and ladder 49 are deshisnit

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