so ive seen backdraft and ladder 49 but i watched another movie today actually it was a bet i had losted and was forced into it.

fireproof, i ended up watching it with a freind of mine it wasnt half bad some spots were like uhhh wow.. anyone see this ?

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Yep, I liked turk182 favorite fire fighter movie!

Other than that your list is fine.
I just watched fireproof for the first time and I thought that it was a really good movie!
I to just watched Fireproof last night. I was really impressed and thought it was great, my job was one of the reasons a 3 year relationship ended. I'm a year into a new one and I can really see myself in Caleb's place at the end, I've been doing everything in my power to not let another one go down this route. It really kinda brings you back down to earth and makes you think. Great movie in my book!
Yes! saw the movie and really enjoyed the story behind it. As far as the firefighter stuff it was ok. More importantly the real meat of the movie really struck home and cut deep. I saw it Valentines night with my wife. Worth seeing with a box of Kleenex!
Oh yes the mva on the tracks seen that was horrible. My dad is my Lt. My mom had called me saying she had it and wanted me to watch it with her. When that scene come on i called my dad in there and we were laughing soo hard about how much research they didnt do before creating that scene. Although i liked the movie a lot despite that scene... Im not married nor have i ever been, but i have had quite a few relationships go south because of my career choice.
ya know a good friend of mine just mentioned Always to me last night. Ive never seen it. But he said its really good and that i should watch it.
And about fire proof... for anyone who is interested in that book that Caleb does on the movie...Ive seen it in more than one book store now. Borders, Barnes & Noble, even saw it at Costco and Target.
My mom is very religious and so she followed like the whole making of the movie. The acting wasnt great cuz the actors weren't actors at all but church members who put this movie together.
FireHouse Dog or Perro Bombero is very funny
Towering INferno is one of the best of all time....Back Draft and Ladder 49 are good as well. I also enjoy the movie called firefighter about the first female firefighter in los stars Joe from the facts of life and its pretty good.

As for Fire Proof I have not seen it and I don't plan on it. Not very religious, saw the previews and the only things that look realistic is the story line about the man and a woman. Plus I feel that if you need to watch this movie to tell you your not being a good partner to your significant other than you are already way to far gone. Just my opinion so don't flame me.....BTW no Im not young I am married (happily) with 2 kids.
saw it about a week ago. Started out pretty cheesy, but got better. Overall wasn't bad, but doesn't measure up to the others you mention.
I just watched Fireproof on Sunday. I liked it. It is a great movie for relationships. Not so much a fire movie like Backdraft and Ladder49 but it was good

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