so ive seen backdraft and ladder 49 but i watched another movie today actually it was a bet i had losted and was forced into it.

fireproof, i ended up watching it with a freind of mine it wasnt half bad some spots were like uhhh wow.. anyone see this ?

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I hate when I losted bets like that. Sadly I haven't seen it. I'll wait for it to come out on Lifetime or something like that.
Fireproof is an excellent movie. I'm not exactly sure how old you are. By the sounds of it very young. Once you get into a few relationships(good, bad, and ugly) you will have a greater appreciation for the message this film delivers. It can apply to anyone but, I will admit in Firefighting, EMS, Law Enforcement relationships can be extremely rough in more than one way.
Haven't seen it yet but going to watch it tonite.
yea im only 20 :) im the youngest on my whole dept, ive been through a few rough relationships im more of a loner then anything though.
have not seen it either..unless that is the one with Kurt Cammereon..but I am hearing that there is a new big screen fire flick in the works and it is suppose to be not only good but very more realistic then certain scenes already seen in other movies..i loved Ladder 49 and BackDraft..but lets face it Hollywoods Hollywood but like anything we over look the simple for the complete big picture ..cook the popcorn and lets see what comes about
I saw the "Fireproof" movie trailers on TV, so we (my bride of 27 yrs.) decided to see it in the theaters. We enjoyed the movie. I was disappointed with the car wreck on the tracks scene - very unrealistic when the Firefighters helmet gets knocked off his head by a train and he suffers no injury from it. But hey, that's what hollywood does best is distort the truth

Seriously, the movie has helped many couples see their marital shortcomings, making them aware that they are not alone either. But most importantly it gives them some tools to rebuild that relationship. After all it's easier to rebuild than to pay a lawyer to tear it apart to total destruction - especially when kids are involved! I've seen how a divorce can tear not only a family apart but also a family of firefighters in a volunteer dept. The statistics on divorce in this countries firehouses is staggering. So it's nice to see someone trying to reverse this ugliness!

Even if your not already married the movie is great to look into the window of marriage, to learn how you can make sure you never head down the path to the BIG D.
i have seen them all and they are all great movies..
Haven't seen fire proof but plan on watching it soon.
I've seen it and thought it wasn't to bad, the acting isn't great but it is well worth watching, I actually bought the movie to watch it.
I want to see this movie. I have not seen it yet. I love Ladder 49 and Backdraft.
Um... I didnt think there was that much actual firefighting in "fireproof" which is really the only reason I went to see the movie. It was still pretty good, just not what I expected. There were alot of things that wern't too realistic but thats Hollywood for ya.

Same goes for Backdraft, really good movie, great storyline, but just alot of things that I look at and find very hard to believe that anyone could survive.

Ladder 49, what can I say other then freakin love it!!!!! Definatly my favorite movie of all time. I think the director of that movie really tried to keep it as close to the real thing as possible and he did a damn good job too.
greatest FF movies of all time

1 ladder 49
2 turk 182
3 towering inferno
4 backdraft (good but very unrealistic)
5 fire proof (mainly for the story that it delivers)

anyone disagree??

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