What are some sop/sog's on having a helmet cam in your fire dept?

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Once Patient confidentiality is not compromised it can be used as a training tool. This must include what is positive and what can be improved without isolating an individual. Any training tool in a real life scenario will not supplement or replace any simulation. SOG’s or SOP’s must protect the public and the organisation from abuse of any information or real life scenario. I have always asked myself after a tour of duty what have I learned from my experiences on this duty. Any good Emergency Provider will learn something new from all the experiences of their day to day work. There should be no issues with helmet cam's
I have ssen where one dept in our area used a helmet cam on a house fire and then it became a close call when the firefighter and his partner became separated when the ceiling came down on them. They were OK but the one wearing the camera was shown running around trying to find his partner.
Something to add to this would be live viewing of what crews are involve with. Another is video drones used by command officers to get a bird's eye or bugs eye view of a incident.
thanks yall
No photographs, video or any image capturing on scene period except by official department photographer. This as a result of one too many irresponsible individuals.
Our SOPs say simply NO, not just to cameras of any sort but also cell phones, MP3 players, privately owned radios etc. Basicaly, if you aren't issued with it then don't carry it.
Helmet cams are not a good training aid, the images they capture are poor quality, jerky and disorienting. They are also a distraction that no firefighter needs, it's far too tempting to focus on "Great Video" at the expense of the job in hand.
I'm retired now, but our Dept. banned any personal communications devices or image capture devices that were not issued by the Brigade. We had a section dedicated to Media Resources, staffed by firefighters trained in using cameras etc., who would record major incidents and make training videos.
Don't try and double up on roles, you are either a firefighter or a video photographer, no one can focus on both and do a decent job of either.
If your a small Dept. and want to produce this sort of material then train up a FF in video or a Video Photographer in firefighting to do the job for you.
We have them and they are a great TRAINING tool only Dont post on internet use for TRAINING ONLY

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