Hello everyone, I am trying to gather every ones input on gear storage. What are you policies on storing your gear for a volunteer department? Do you take your gear home with you or leave in your personal vehicle? Or do you leave it at your station? I'm wanting to get my department to let us leave our gear at the station but I would like input on this and reasons why it should be left at the station versus leaving gear in our personal vehicles. We do have two stations and are volunteer so at this point that is the reasoning for having to take it with us everywhere. I feel that due to our gear coming in contact with some dangerous stuff that it should be left at the station so we dont bring that stuff to our families.... Thanks for helping me out on this topic and any advice is greatly appreciated!! 

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We have a few people who keep their gear with them in gear bags because they aren't able to make the first out unit so they go POV to calls. Everyone else keeps their stuff at one of our stations on the racks. Our extra gear is in a storeroom away from any light.

Some problems with leaving gear in your vehicle or at home are the chance of contamination and having the gear in the bags while still wet which can cause molding issues.

As long as the turnouts are cleaned and dried properly, and they are kept in the trunk of your car or bed of your truck, then the risk of contamination should be minimized.

I'm all for keeping gear at the station for exactly the concern you stated, though I'm sure there are rural departments where it may not be the most practical due to distances, multiple stations, etc.

First i would say is that the reason you listed as keeping gear with you doesn't make sense. We have 2 stations ourselve. and we have guy's assigned to each station. And our dept issued gear is to stay at the station, my wife and I carry personal gear with us in our vehicles in bags. We have a policy that everyone responds to the station to get gear and roll out trucks. once all the trucks are out they grab their gear and respond in pov's. me and my wife if we don't make roll out will respond in pov and just use our personal gear. Wet gear should never be an issue cause after every working structure fire gear should be washed and then hung up to dry.  Any time you think your gear has become contaminated WASH IT. it is better to be safe than sorry.  hopefully this helps. if you would like more input on what i've said just message me.

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