Times are getting worse and we as firefighters have been faced with many dangers over the years. As some may remember, a firefighter was shot and killed as he was getting off the engine last year! While this made national news, I'm sure it happens more often than reported in the headlines. At my department we're close with the sherriff department and we look out for each other! But we recently had an inccident where there was a domestic dispute and it was stated that the assailant was armed but he was gone. He did leave, but he came back and the sherriff was still enroute. Even though we were suggested to stage the rescue and Batt chief went in to help! After a few uneasy moments the sherriff showed up and everything turned out ok! Do you think that at least one person, like an officer, should carry a gun as a last resort defense?

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NO WAY!!!! Let the cops handle it. The leagal liabilities are endless for a FF to shoot a person. No matter what.
Everyone knows that a fireman who has a gun at the station will eventually shoot either himself or one of his fellow firefighters. Everyone knows who I'm talking about. Every dept. has that guy. Who knows it could be you!
Not if you know your weapon...hey, I'm cleaning my gun right now as a matter of fact and how dare you say that I BOOM!

Stage the unit and let the police department secure the scene. I have had to tell my crew to get back into a rig and back out of a scene for a similar scenario (but we weren't informed of a dangerous situation before arrival) and it was not well recieved by the bystanders at the incident scene but guess what... Not my problem!

Let them beat the hell out of eachother, stab or shoot eachother.... when the scene is secure, we the fire department or EMS can come in and do our jobs.

Last thing I need in this economy, given the mental state of economy driven depression; is a fellow employee feeling that they are going to take everyone with them, or an accidental discharge in the station, in a unit or at an incident.

EMT's would not use the gun enough to be proficient in it. Besides then you have additional training, and bring in the fact that a violent patient could then take it away from you, blah blah blah

Don't get me wrong, I am all pro-gun, have many and will unload on someone entering my home illegally.
I am licensed to carry, and I do carry to the FD sometimes but not on calls because I cannot worry about properly securing my sidearm, and fight fire or perform a rescue or command a scene...
Still......Nope, never, nada, uh uh!

Oh I'm sorry, did that fall out of my 1st in bag? My bad!
Rfd...Is that ALL you carry? I thought you were a serious firefighter!
I would have to agree with the majority here. It's not a good idea!!
No,for so many reasons nearly all mentioned previously

We had the exact same situation when we were cleared to go in and then the suspect returned--not fun

There is generally 1 thing that separates FF from cops when dealing with the public, we are there to HELP we don't arrest we don't cite them, we don't judge, and we don't use force. If this stays the status quo then that in itself protects us. If you find yourself in a situation that you need to protect yourself then we shouldn't be there (although we may be there based on false info) . I realize this is hypothetical versus reality but as much as we don't want to at times we have to occasionally stop/wait and think of ourselves first and the victims second. And we have to rely on the cops once in awhile

But one thing we do need is more training in protecting ourselves on scenes wrt subjects that become violent.

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