i am a new fire fighter here in oregon i just got out of fire accadamy and i want to know what i am going to need to expect on my first call eather medical mva or fire thank you for your help

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well im from eastern nc ive been on the fd for 7 years and we always tell our guys to expect the worst, be ready for anything no matter what the dispatcher says it could be. it could come in as a routine everyday call and turn into the most screwwed up call u ever go on. just be safe and be ready for anything
ok that is very helpfull i have had a burn to learn after our accadamy and i realy liked that i realy like watching the fire spread in the house i thought it was a great excperience but i want to know will my first fire be anything like that or not?
That's easy...and if you don't know after the Academy then maybe you weren't paying attention....."You always expect what you least expect the most, especially when you don't expect it....."....Any questions...? Stay safe Probie....Always remember to Keep the Faith.....Paul
well i look at it like this, theres not many houses built the same , so there isnt that many houses that will burn the same, yea the materials burn pretty much the same, but depending on what stage the fire is in when you get to it contributes alot of how its gonna be burning, yea you might get to a few with the flames just starting to roll over the ceiling, but most of the time its gonna be kicking by the time the engine gets there. and the way they are building houses these days 10 min into a burn it could be blowing out all side rather than older houses that could stand a bit more heat and fire
anything else just ask
stay safe bro
No two fires or calls will ever be the same. Remember stay calm and learn all you can from the "old" guys.
Congrats on becoming a new firefighter. As to your question, it is really too broad to give a definitive answer. Every emergency is different and presents a unique set of obstacles. With each call you will gain more experience and knowledge that you can use on the next call.

If I had one nugget of advice to give to answer your question I would have to say that on your first call follow directions. Let your officers or senior members direct you in everything you do. Learn from them what is expected and how you do things.

One thing you can do is to mentally prepare yourself. As you are respond make sure you get yourself in the right frame of mind. Take some deep breathes to calm yourself down. Adrenelyn is a wonderful thing but it can also create tunnel vision and impair your judgement. Just remember that you did not create the emergency and rushing in and acting like a fool and getting hurt will only make the situation worse.

Best of luck to you.

Remember never run on scene even though you may think you need that piece of equip that fast you don't... Listen to the people around you like Tim said.... Never make you and the people around you unsafe by tring something on your own... Be safe
An open mind , willingness to follow orders and learn. Keep in mind that you may end up doing things that you may not think are fun or your the only one doing them. However, every Probie has been there and you will earn the respect of your leaders by just keeping your mouth shut and doing what your told to do without the grumbling. You'll do just fine Trevor.
Congratulations on graduating your academy. My advice is to talk to some of your older more seasoned FF's on your dept. and see what they can tell you. Learn your F.D's equipment forwards and backwards, get to know all of your F.D's procedures and what's expected of you, and never stop learning! Stay safe!
its not that i wasnt paying attention in my accadamy it is that we didnt realy get to everything in the book and we didnt get very much hands on time for the more importent things i personaly think thank you all for your insight it realy helps out alot
like i said above we didnt realy get to all of it but the things we did hit were the realy importent things but i guess us fire fighters are always going to be learning correct
No it won't. Chances are you won't be first in on your first house fire. Also you will go in and knock it down and not sit and watch it grow. The house was preventilated so you could see the fire most cases it is not and you have to find the seat of the fire. Also depends on if it is a room and content fire or fully involved or maybe it will be a barn fire. They are right every fire is different. The best thing you can do is to watch, drill and learn.

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