Fire Depts. with "Old School Tankers" Mack, Peterbilt, Freightliner, Kenworth, real trucks.

I was wondering how many Depts. out there are still running "Old School" Tankers. if so I would like to see some pictures.

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haha thats not a real tanker a tanker is a tanker and that is just a big ass pumper in my book you need a nice pete or mack lol none of those custom pumper tankers
my dept has a peterbilt a wonderful truck

Hey- I finally got around to getting some pictures taken!
Here's that '91 International with a '77 tanker body that I mentioned way back.
love the jet dumps on three sides , and amazed by 2200' of supply
cool truck over all
i like the way your trash line is packed , ready to work !
T4 is a 1976 F700 with a small block 361 gas V8 & 4 speed trans w/hi-lo axle. 1600 gal tank w/ a newton quick dump. Tanker 6 is almost mirrored with a couple different things... 1979 F700 with a 370 big block "Lima" engine w/ a 2000 gal tank instead of 1600. Everything else is the same.
Yall just use that as a tanker? It would be a Engine in my dept. Our tankers are just shuttles for water no pump for fighting fires.
Ok I have no idea what Baffles are....I might when you explan it but I dont know the term. Thanks if you can clear it up for me.
Baffles are basically dividers placed inside the tank. They can be made of metal of plastic. They basically just keep the water from moving back and forth so violently.

If you want to see some tankers, check out my thread... "your biggest tanker?"

In anycase here is our 4500 gallon 1986 International.
We have 2 tankers our oldest one is a 1987 international with 3600 gallon tank and a 750 pump our new one is a 2006 Freightliner with 3500 gallons 1250 midship pump and 5 man cab. We have been called for mutual aid for a dept 35 miles away. All of our trucks can be seen at
Ah ok..I know what your talking about. Just didnt know the word. We dont have Baffles in our tankers I wish we did.

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