Ok here is a question or argument I have seem to come across alot latley in the service,

Which is better the 8Lb axe or the 6Lb axe?

I know laws of physics state that the heavier the object is that
falls the more work is begin done ,

What is everyones opinion on this topic?

The 8Lb ? or the 6 Lb ?

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We use 8lb.
8lb flat head is much more effective for forcible entry ops, due to the extra mass.
Depends on who is using the axe. I'm 6'5" and weighover 200lbs. I use the8 pound axe, smaller FF's use the 6 pound axe.
I use a 6lb. flat head axe with my irons in my pov. On the rigs we use 8lb axes
Depends on whi is swinging it....If I have to choose...You swinging it....8 lb....me swinging it....6 lb....LOL Seriously..you can get more done with the 8lb..more mass more umph....Paul
effectuve firefighting sometimes requires brute strength. the 8lb would be more effective but like stated me being 5'5" 130lbs. im gonna get alot more of a work out thatn some of the other guys...(not saying im weak but just takes more effort)... this may be something to consider as to who you have for the job and what their physical capabilities and limitations are.---also the aplication of the tool it may at some points be more effective to have a smaller axe but for forcible applications like ventilation and such you have alot more power with the big toys.
I get better results with a 6lbs axe. The bigger guys use the 8lbs. I really think it comes down to the size of whos using it.
try a 8lb flat head, next time you have a training whatever take it up on a comp roof and use the back side, totally destroy the roof. Great backup to the saw, and obviously is great for forcible entry. I take it in on almost every job. I toss it in a axe belt that I had custom made for it. If your interested I got it at www.traditionalfireleather.com Works awesome with all different kinds of axes, and even has a a lock to hold in a halligan if you want
8 lb. might be heavier for a smaller firefighter, but you'll get more out of it ! Also remember, a well sharpen 8 lb.der will let you work more efficient.
I wouldn't even bother with the 6lb axe. The 8lb is so much more effective. I do, however, understand that it may not be for everybody.
Bigger is better in this case as long as you can use it effectively. I like the eight. Got to have the pick though.
Its my favorite tool.
8 pound sledge

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