My absolute favorite era in Firefighting history the 1970's and 80's of the F.D.N.Y just seeing if there is anyone out there from this era that has old stories or current F.D.N.Y that knows old stories of the time

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Chief John A. Calderone, publisher of Fire Apparatus Journal, is working on a book about the war years.

He has written great books about FDNY.
that will be awesome!
Have you read, "Report From Engine 82" by Denis Smith, "Gehtto Firefighter" both are about that time period. I will dig through my books and see if I can find any more.
If he hasnt read "report from engine company 82" then he hasnt read anything about FDNY much less the war years.. "20,000 alarms' By Lt. Richard (Dickie) Hamilton ret stories and anecdotes of his career from Company Johnny at 17 truck (his 1st decoration) was told me BY one of his senior guys many years later to me, To ultimately being A Rescue Officer and the most decorated FDNY Firefighter, Fire house By Jill Freedman is a photographic version of Report FROM engine 82 she was doing photography with Dennis Smith not long after he wrote the book there are numerous venues from Caldarone's historically proper to Smiths literary to Dunn's technical Devan you should join The FDNY forums talk about threads about the war years ,, OMG teh guys are retirees , dispatchers authors, buffs, chiefs many who were there fighting dispatching buffing or , you name it ....

I dont run it I dont often go on it and it took me 3 months to be allowed on with the help of a dude thats been on it for a while.. so I will say good Luck... here..
Both Great books, I have them Firehouse, by Denis Smith and "20,000 Alarms, the story of FDNY's most decorated firefighter. They may be hard to find but worth it. also try this site for some great pictures from these years.

I was a fire buff in the late 70's in the Bronx. I used to ride with Rescue Company 3 when they were in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan. Every other 30 minutes, Rescue 3 was out the door either going to Da Bronx or Harlem. Fires back then were horrific

I was a teen and a buff during the war years...too many stories, too many fires and too little time to tell it but if you can find a retiree from that time, they have good stories

I came into the job at the tail end of the war years (1979) on long island in a volie dept (we boardered FDNY on our west side) and we caught our share of jobs that year. the war years effected everyone in that area of NY and Long island back then

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