what is everones favorite brand of rescue / extrication tools

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Hi All:
Hopefully this will be the last time TNT will be back to reapir their famous tools that our department bought. This repair person said again this is another Quick Fix until they can figure out something more permenant!!!! He sounded a little more proffessional than the others. So far at least they will start now!!!!! Maybe when the weather gets better we will put them to the test. Remember stay safe.
Hurst all the way!!! I've used Holmatro,Genesis,& T.N.T. I feel hurst is the best. When it comes down to it they all work!
Oh yeak ive used Amkus as well.
We have Holmatro, and in our reserve rescue we have the two hose system and in our first out rescue and pump we have holmatro core.
Also stabilization is from Holmatro.
Hi all, just want you to know that AGAIN the famous TNT repair man was at our station again trying to fix there JUNK TOOLS. And believe it or not after all of the complaining, replacing, repairing, modifying, adjustments and quick fixes the tools been operating so we at least can do extrication. I would never say that these are the best tools on the market because I think that they are cheap and undependable still after all of the crap we had to go through so they would work. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for and that you can only blame the person that ALWAYS GOES WITH THE CHEAPEST BID. BUY QUALITY TOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hurst all the way!!!
We were undecided between the Genesis and Hurst when we bought ours. The Genesis Rep was very good answered all our questions. The Hurst Rep. Threw the spreader across the parking lot pulled them back with the hose and showed that the tool still works. Nothing against the tool but that was a little unprofessional. We went with the Genesis. I haven't had a complaint since.
We have both TNT and AMKUS in service in our department. We started with AMKUS and are switching over to TNT. We did a 6 month tool review where we brought in all the tool vendors to review the goods and to start a base line for what we wanted our tools to have and do. I can hoenstly say that we only found one tool company that we would not even look at after the first go around. So once we figured out what we needed we started to eliminate. It came down to TNT and Hurst. As I said we picked TNT. Many reason why, Quality and serivce was a big factor. Our local guy is great and the Factory support was just as good. Little Gary try calling the Owner of TNT Tim Blantin and talk to him about your bad tools. I would be shocked if he did not fix it right. Remember when doing tool evals, your department needs to figure out what they want a tool to do and what you want out of your tool and then start the process. I am sure you will not find to many bad tools out there, just bad users!!!!!
Is it time to start a "Leatherman vs. Gerber" thread?
Genesis has the most cutting force of any tools on the market, and they also have the strongest blade ratings if you get the boron-rated blades.

We have three new sets of Genesis tools. The people that spec'd them were a die-hard Amkus fan and an equally die-hard Hurst fan. Both are completely convinced that Genesis has the best tools available...at least for now.
Well Rescue 1 let me inform you that we did do all of the evals, studies, testing of the tools, etc. And of all of the tools they did not rate high enough for are purpose. During the tests the tools leaked, seals failed, no power and just did not performed like they promised. It took over 2 years for them to figure out what was wrong with them. And now you are telling me that I do not know anything about operating them or how to use them. Let me tell you that peoplke like you make this job harder and more difficult. I am glad that you picked this stuff for your department. But you have probably train with tapes, pictures or what you see on TV or what somebody told you and haven't come into the real world. Beleve me when the company sent down there so-called top man to repair it and he did not know what was wrong and got it to work by jerry rigging it, you tell me that I am a bad user??

I've been a rescue firefighter for almost 35 years and an extrication instructor for more than 20. None of that has anything to do with what tool is "best" or what brand is better than any other brand.

The hydraulic pressure inside the pump and hoses isn't what counts...it's how that system converts the hydraulic pressure into mechanical pressure. If the hydraulic pressure was what mattered, we wouldn't need anything but the hoses to do the extrication.

The Amkus systems you're talking about are 10,000 PSI systems...just like the Genesis.
I'm a Genesis fan, too, but 15-year-old Genesis tools aren't rated for 2010 fortified steels any more than are 20-year old Amkus tools.

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