This just ticks me off.  I really hope that the local officials catch this guy.


Has anyone had something like this happen at their station?

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Video didn't attach for some reason.
Nope, don't have those. Smart idea though.
LOLOLOLOLOL OMG - I can't stop laughing

awh... the good ole days...

it is so funny what sticks around and what leaves in certains parts of the country... and with certain families...


that is probably WHY mostly it is SOOOOOOOOOO funny

i thought it was a middle-school school term - LOLOLOL

and you just called your bosses - butt munches... CLASSIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am laughing so hard... i'm gonna pee myself... God ya can't make this stuff up... LOLOLOLOLOL
Is an ambulette a GIRL ambulance?
We had a car for extrication training that ran donated by a towing service some one stole it. We reported it missing about 4 months later a conservation officer found it in the river about 2 miles from the station.
So they ordered another car that didn't run and someone stole the tires off of it. The local kids got the code to go in the station stole cases of water, pop and gatorade. They also unscrewed all the handles out of the pump panel and threw them in the crosslays beds. Now we have cameras all over. We are a very small town so it happens all over.
Yes - many of the entities - primarily the school district discussed lockdown BUT it was children being victimized - not an office building of adults... SO they had to err on the side of caution with the children...

It got so bad at the high schools (multiple) that the teachers started organizing their classes in the yard and parking lots requiring the kids to participate just in a new location. It was much like a fire drill - meet at the big oak in the North field where we will continue English class.

But then the school got organized with the bus system and organized that the students leave the school building and enter straight onto their buses - no mulling around for hours - waiting for parents to pick them up (which is what happened the first few weeks).

Interestingly most of the high school kids became the most pissed over the situation - because they were going to have to make up all lost school hours during their previously planned summer vacation. Messed up sporting events, concerts, prom, etc. etc. etc. SO finally, the perps classmates turned them in...
Hey new guy - welcome - heads up - there are a bunch of people on FFN - the grammar police - that will beat you for grammar and spelling - so heads up now... Some of the guys on here MELT DOWN when they see texting writing in this format... (so I do it sometimes just to piss them off - but most of the time have to use good grammar so the old people on here understand what I am talking about!)

Save yourself now...

We have never pulled our keys when we are on scene. Never really thought about actually.
Flashing back to school days.... hehehe

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