It had become a discussion in which we currently allow our explorer members on the first due apparatus. As well as to calls in other towns if room permits and they do not take the place of a qualified firefighter.

Can anyone confirm whether or not this can actually be doneas far as explorers and the learning for life group is concerned?

I'm not looking for opinions. I'm looking for actual facts, materials in writing, or anything other protocols, laws, whatever to which I can go back and share with the department to put the issue to bed, whichever way it goes.


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I would suggest that BEFORE you make any decisions that you contact your insurance carrier and ask might get a surprise and get told them.....Paul
Paul has a real good point there. Let us know what they say.
Actually, I think most people's first impulse would be the same; why aren't you asking your chief or other officer? Since your clearly already have an explorer program it stands to reason that there should be someone in-house who would have those answers.

The fact that your reply was cloaked with sarcasm was unnecessary and rude, especially to people who are "attempting" to help/guide/direct you. Obviously other than to get the exact answer you were looking for all others were a waste of your time.

Also, with simple the search phrase, "boy scouts of america explorer program" it immediately brought up the necessary information. only follows that you must have been too lazy to do the search yourself and then felt that anyone that didn't supply you with all of the necessary information wasted your time and required only a sarcastic comment from you. And that fact that at least one CHIEF even bothered to reply apparently is of no concern to you nor warrants your respect. Clearly, you are indeed a past explorer.
FIRST DUE yesterday
single family dwelling , smoke showing from the rear upon arrival , water supply was secured by rescue , engine had primary search , rescue was right behind them , got first line in the structure , second line to the rear where heavy fire developed 10 minutes after arrival ,long story short

did my job , got the second line working and KNOCKED THE FIRE DOWN , oh man i was all over that nozzle lol !!

i say that as long as they know what they are doing , and they are well trained , let them go on the first due ,
where i'm at it ain't a problem because we work on a set crew and we are assigned to a specific unit
Where I'm from we don't have the problem of bumping a trained FF off the rig, because we are a paid department and if you don't have a seat you can't even show up. But learning for Life does approve of responding in first due apparatus.

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