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Are your explorers allowed to run fire calls?

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yes ours are running calls if they make the 2nd out rig they go and do exterior fighting
YES!!!! It depends on 2 factors. Labor Laws and the Department. My department has SPECIFIC bylaws for Explorers we do fire and medical in a small town the runs <150 calls a year (Fire and MED). it is100% ok as long as the departments is ok with it. and BSA WILL ALLOW EXPLORERS TO RUN CALLS!
yes i am a lt of jefferson twp fire dept cadet program in oh and we are allowed to go on every thing but ems calls .
Ah...the week between christmas and new school.
Like be in charge?! Oh god no, taht will never happen here!
YES!!!!!, I grew up in the fire service this way started when i was 15 after careful review by lawyers and county and state it was allowed but the dept had come up with its rules. but per state guidlines sop and sog and dept sop sog, we were required to have full bunker gear and could participate in trainning provided by the dept on trainning nights, and go to classes for firefighter 1&2, the only thng is we could not participate in live burns and would not be state certified until the age of 18. if we came to the station for a call and was getting on the truck and full members showed up we got bumped to the next truck or didnt go depending on the call and how many ppl showed up and truck rolled out. on the grounds we had to stick with the engineer and or command person to shadow. we could help with changing air bottles and settin gup rehad area that was it. once the fire was out we could go with a CPT, or Chief officer and would be shown how and where the fire started at. if there was hot spots sometimes the person if they wanted to would let us spray a little water to get the feel for it mostly on salvage and over haul wetting down the contents as it came outta the house. only way to learn the job. i totally agree with juniors being able to do things and respond as long as you are in compliance with sops and sogs per county state and dept. once stip[ulation we had to have was to show our report cards when they came out we had to have a C average or we got suspended and could not come to anything until grades were brought up becasue the biggest thing was our school work that was number one. but again its up to the dept that makes that decision and i think its good or you dont learn. also we could not have black helmets we had to have an odd color like orange and it had junior really big on it so there would be no mistake of hey you pack up lets go.
One doesn't have to go too much further than to read the recent LODD in WI. Along with a FF being killed, there was a 15 and 17 year old injured in the explosion. Is it worth it? Is "learning the job" so important that it may mean you never get to do the job?
Without a pager you dont hear the call and when did FDs start running blue lights?
Looks to me like you have a terrible attitude and need to back off a little. Judging by the comments you have left, I dont see where anyy explorer would want to learn from you. You may be a great guy but seems to me like you think you are to good for anyone wanting to learn.
we get the point again!
I can't beleive this dead horse is still moving and rearing it's ugly head up- how many more times????

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