Hey what ranks are in your explorer post and how do u tell the difference?

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here it goes will
we have 1 chief 2 captains 1 sr lieutenant and 4 lieutenants
at meetings explorers wear the post tshirt and the officers wear dress shirts with rank bars on the neck flaps
crossed buggles for the chief , 2 bars for caps , 1 bar for lts
soon all explorers will have blue helmets and officers will have yellow

hope ya like it ;)
OK our rank structure is different we have 2 Sgts 1 Sr. Sgt 2 Lts and 1 Capt i like the fact that at the meetings you distinguish the officers from the explorers.
Hello, When I was an explorer many years ago I remember we had a Chief Explorer, Captain Explorer, and a Lt. Explorer . during my last year in the post I went from Captain to Asst. Chief Explorer we changed to just a Chief & Asst. Chief Explorer, no more Captains or Lt's. Remember, Stay Safe
I am Jr. Lieut. i am in charge of writeing down the min. of out Jr. meetings, taking role call for all dril and tranning events.
we have the same ranks as fire fighters and lt are red, exploers are black ,capt are yellow ,chiefs are white
We have 4 ranks. We all wear the same helmets we all wear the same shirts and we wear no lapel pins
1 Explorer Captain: Head of the post. Recieves Commands at the fire ground. Coordinates jobs
2 or 3 Exp. Lt.s: one in charge of personnel ie turnouts, callouts, uniforms. one in charge of equipment and app. and one in charge of facilities.
We have Explorers
And for the first 7-8 months we have newbies aka explorers in academy.
we usually have 3 or 4 crews with 3-6 people depending on how many show up. we always have three crews though. so the capt. or sen. Lt gets a crew and then the rest is first come first serve.

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