So I am taking my daughter to breakfast Monday morning when I see red lights in my mirror.  My natural instict was to get the hell out of the way, of course.  There was a guy right beside me so after he finally moved I got over and looked as a small car with a red strobes and a FF sticker zoomed passed.  It was a vollie in a small pov!    Then I thought hey I'm in the city's jurisdiction with no volunteer dept. anywhere close by....I had been whacked.  I looked ahead and my whacker friend was tailgating somebody and zooming ahead deeper into the city and further from any vollie depts.....If only I had had a rocket launcher on me!

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A patriot missile and one presidential pardon a day is what should be allowed. If the sticker had a specific department name, I'd place one of those good ol' phone calls. If not, then my friend..... you've been whacked!
A licence plate number will go a long way...
The simplest action for me would be to call the police. Police here are known to have an intense dislike for people running lights when in a private vehicle.

I've actualy done something similar in the past. Two days in a row passed driving to work by a private car running a siren and speeding down the wrong side of the road. He struck it lucky the third time, I had paper and pen ready (before the days of mobile phones) and as I worked for the Police I just passed that information on when I arrived at work. I never heard that siren again...
By my Dad for many thinks (I deserved it), and by my Mom if I used bad grammar.
Unfortunatly you are focusing on the volly part! It doesn't matter! What matters is that he was breaking the law and abusing our rights as firefighters! We have a saying here. It's called a "Culligan" He was a training officer that was late for a meeting at HQ. Decided to use his lights and siren on the dept van, ran a red light and collided with another car! A year ago TWO of our Deputy Chiefs were on their way to a funeral in another city, driving over 150 km/hr (95miles/hr) on a highway and his DEPARTMENT vehicle was impounded on sight! All Full time, suppose to be professionals!
He can outrun you but he can't outrun a Motorola...should have called a cop
As a former Vol. FF who used to run Light and siren in my Vehicle. I was also 1 of only 2-3 EMS professionals on the department at times. I have to stand up for the Volunteers. The 2 departments I ran with did not tolerate running a Light and Siren unless you were responding to an Emergency. If you decided to take advantage of an Emergency Vehicle Permit for laughs and it was reported to us ( a description of the car was usually all we needed to know who it was ) ; that Vol. FF lost his EVP and if he was caught using the Light and Siren again; we notified local Law Enforcement he was running without one. We also took all EVP back when someone left our department as in the state of WV all EVP must be approved by the Fire Chief to prove you are a Fire Dept Member and not just a wannabe. Most Volunteers I have worked with take our duties as seriously as the Professionals. We just don't get paid for the job.
I have had lights and siren on my POV and used it only when responding to an emergency. Yes, there are some folks out there who abuse the ablility to utilize the lights and siren, but there are far more out there who are Professionals. I am so tired of folks bashing volunteers who utilize lights and siren to respond to a call. I applaud my fellow volunteers for giving of their time to make a difference in people's lives. Yes, the particular person this discussion was started about needs reported to law enforcement, because it would appear they were not responding to an emergency call. I am both a paid Paramedic and a volunteer Paramedic, and a chief officer.
I am a volunteer assistant chief but I'm with ya.What I wouldn't give to have a LAWS Rocket upon occasion.
I run lights and siren on my truck but only use them when absolutely needed.All it takes is one idiot like that and it gives us all a black eye.One of our mutual aid depts. pulled blue lights off members vehicles because of problems like that.(Here in PA chiefs can run red lights and sirens and all others can run blue lights.Everybody that runs a light,red or blue is required to register their vehicle with their local police dept.)I had a chief once that drove like an idiot though.It seemed like when the key turned on the brain shut off.
Thats no joke.
You just can't fix stupid certainly applies here....we NEED to either put a leash on these people or get them out of the Emergency scene.....they are going to either become another victim on an already stressful situation or worse yet they are going to hurt or kill someone else.....there is NO EXCUSE for this behavior and it should not be tolerated........

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