Now I know that there are many many different setups/designs out there but I was wondering what everyones department uses for frontline pumpers/engines. We have a 2000 Pierce Contender. 1250gpm PTO Driven Pump (driver side controls), 1000 Gallom Tank, The Usual compliment of hoses and ladders. The truck is a Regular (Three man Cab) and a short wheelbase. One of or Mutual Aid Departments to the south has a Contender Pumper with a 1250 Gallon Tank a 1500 GPM pump and a top mount pump. However the difference between us is that they have Hydrants and wider roads/driveways then Us. We have 225 Sq Miles of Cabins, Forest, County Forest roads, Unimproved roads/driveways.Of all the calls in our three townships the majority of them happen down the longest roughest driveway/road around. Sorry for Rambling on.... Lets just talk Trucks... Justin out,

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Our frontline pumper is a 2000 Pierce Contender with a 1250 gpm pump and a 1000 gal tank. We cover 96 sq. miles, most of which is rural. We have only one hydrant in our whole district, and we just got that one, it's fed from a well. Truck is a perfect fit for our area.
Right now we are using our quint as our frontline pumper it is a 2000 pierce dash side mount pump panel and six man cab and 105' ladder. our other pumper is a 1984 smeal with a top mount pump and outside five man bench seat behind the cab that is not covered at all. It has failed every pump test in the last five years so we try not to use it very often.
Go to I am from herkimer county, and a firefighter from mohawk. You can check out all of NY states fire trucks from this website.
My departments frontline engines are 1996 Seagraves with 1750 gpm pumps and 750 gal tanks with a 50 gal foam tank. Our area has some rural but mostly residental, and commercial.
Sean, beautiful truck,,,but i am old school,,still think fire trucks should be red and cop cars
Your Pierce looks like ours except that ours has high sides on the back. WhoEVER put a dumptank on top of a truck THAT TALL should have their head examined. The tanker/pumper is the same truck with a metal tank, not a box. Both apparatus have rear 10" quick dump valves, 1250 pumps with 1500gal tanks. We also own a 1998 Pierce 5 man cab w/top mount pump, the same 1250 pump with a 1000 tank.

I don't have any digital picture on this computer but you can see pictures of them here:

Our new baby, of which we have no pictures yet is a Sutphen Rescue/Pumper. This appartatus is LIKE ours except ours is black where this one is white. I can't wait to get pics of it.
Apart from the fact that it's as slow as a drunken tortoise when cold, our Pumper is a great truck. Does everything we need, and can you ask for more? (Yes, a motor that will pull uphill when cold!):

This one place I like tradition - red please. In another thread the advantage of blue stripes was mentioned. We don't have those, but we do have both red and blue lights. In bright daylight the red are more visible at a distance, at night the blue.
Come and visit. We'll find a tortoise, get it drunk and then you can watch our pumper try to beat it up a hill...
Not enough horses under your hood for the weight of the load?
Exactly right Jenny. The Authority has too many accountants. A cab/chassis is decided on, then the body is built on it, then the lockers are filled, as is the water tank and the two foam tanks, Then the things have no weight allowance left for the crew. I'm not totally against the vehicles. When they've been running for a while and are warm they go quite well. Good enough for us anyway. The trouble is that when cold they will not pull. Not at all. And when do we need trucks that pull well, on turnout or on return?

I've been told that if they had sump warmers the response would be a lot better - apparently the computer says that when the oil is cold, then no go. But we're not allowed to fit sump warmers. I think that most (if not all) of the career stations in the service have Scania cab/chassis. They go very well. A few of the luckier vol stations also have the Scanias. Maybe one day we'll get lucky?

1999 Alexis Fire Equipment, Freightliner crew cab, 1500gpm top mount pump, 1000gal water with quick dump, 2500gal porta tank. 2-200’ 1 ¾ pre-connect, 400’ 2”, 400’ 3”, 450’ 5”

We have 2 frontline Engines they are both Freightliners with 4 door cab both with 1000 gallon tanks one is a top mounted rescue/engine and the other a side mount engine.

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