I'm looking for EMS explorers to talk to, because I am one myself. Anything you wanna discuss, post it here. See ya!

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hmmm. i am one mahself.....idk what do u wanna talk abt?? lol. all our units except medic 5 (fly car [bls]) are als now =)
Hey I am an EMS Explorer for Crowley County Ambulance Service out of Colorado. So what would you like to talk about.
I'm a EMS Jr. Cadet and trying to get a Jr. Firefighting program going at my station as well we have a team of five strong looking to win our state BLS comp this year got first place two years running what about your station do you guys compete in a state competition?
well im the ONLY explorer at my service. we have 1 als crew and 1 bls crew on at all times. on certain days we have 2 als crews, if we have transfers going a long way away from the hospital. we dont do any competitions or anything like that, being that im the only explorer. im not even sure if tennessee has competitions like that, but it would be fun. what are they like? pretty much all i do is try to help when i can and get some experience under my belt before i start EMT classes this fall. i just try to help with anything the crews need and stay out of their way lol. i do simple things. hold c-spine, cpr, bandaging,, thing like that. what about you guys? what do your crews let you do?
we can do basically anything that our certification lets us. as for me, i am a cfr. thats a level under emt. there isnt much and emt-b can do that i cant. intubation, for one, but im not exactally 100% sure
I actually just finished my CFR class, havent got my National Registry license yet though. Here in TN, they have actually done away with EMT-B. Every EMT that graduates out of TN now is an EMT-IV. Now there are a few EMT-Bs left, but thats only because they got their license before they did away with the class. CFRs CAN do anything an EMT-B does. The only people that can actually intubate (with an laryngoscope and ET tube) are Paramedics. CFRss and EMTs can intubate with a combitube. We can also use oral and nasal airways. CFRs can't actually give any medicines but we can assist our pt's with their medicines. Like if they have an epi-pen, we can help them with it like put it together and get it ready, but we can't stick em lol.
how do you get a ems post started
There are 2 on the go now. There's this one and "EMS central" in the forums list?
I'm an explorer/EMR with Hunter's ambulance out of Meriden CT. The service covers about half the state and the explorers are always there to help out where ever needed. There is a post in Darien CT that runs the town EMS service 24/7. Whats your post like?

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