One of my most embarassing moments, we were assisting on a tree into a house on Ferris Rd. This was before we had map books on the engines. Ferris Rd was only a block long of a 20 mile road. We got so lost we ended up about 5 miles away and callboard calling us every 5 mins. We finally found it coming back from the other direction.


While I promised myself I would never get lost after the above incident, while covering a station during a funeral we got hit out for a house fire. I'm thinking I know right were that is. So we along with an engine from Jersey go rolling following the stations ambulance. As we're coming to the road the ambulance keeps straight. I look at the officer and he says follow them. Okay the Street while not numbered would have been 42nd St. After getting to 30th I'm yelling at the officer that the street was back there. He saying follow them (the ambulance) At 25th st I say the hell with this and turn around and go back coming in the opposite direction. Come to find out the Ambulance crew was also a cover up crew and had no clue were they were going.


But the worst..I was an officer and heard the disptach as 307 Manlove Pl. So I repond to that location and give the report, nothing showing etc etc. An intoxicated man comes to the door like nothing it wrong. .....the problem was the correct address was 307 Cedar Ave cross street Manlove Pl. And they had smoke showing.... took a while to live that one down.

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Well a couple weeks ago we had a pretty big snowstorm. I got maybe 4hrs sleep the entire weekend, which is pretty rare for us being vollies and having only about 70 calls a year. We had 6 calls that weekend alone, some of them pretty long. Usually rescuing stranded drivers or going to check vitals on and O/D cause the ambulance couldn't make it out for 2 days. Well on most of the calls, I was first to the hall and had the doors open and ready to go, with FF Chatwin coming in right behind me prepping to pull the engine onto the mat. Well after what FF Emde and FF Folvik saw on one of the calls, earned me a new nickname. I had to pee pretty badly so I'm standing by the door ready to lower it after the engine was pulled out, doing a bit of a dance. When the engine was pulled out I ran to the bathroom, did my business and went to the call. When we got back, they started calling me Odie, and I couldn't figure out why. Then they told me that I was antsy like Odie from Garfield. Always bouncing around. Although they found out I had to pee, they kept the name of Odie for me.
In forestry I remember we always used to spot pollen during early spring and it looked like smoke without that distinct blue "tinge" to it. Until you've seen it a couple times. You can mistake it for smoke.
Got Milk??
Now tell me again, how long did it take you to realize, she didn't have a top on???
We had an assist to the local Racino. I was officer and the chief was driving. We go on location and I'm telling him go to the front entrance. He's telling me our assignment is the stables at the hydrant...way over there. Well we take our assignment and sit the first engine in. The next engine goes on location with a working fire. He refused to move until given orders, even though there new hydrants next to the building due to the upgrades from a race track. So as the fire is being put and other units are arriving we're sitting there like lumps on a log.

While at the county meeting at a nieghboring department they got hit for a building fire which turned out to be working. So we're sitting there with 10 people and start to leave because we're getting ready to be hit out to assist. As we're going down the highway to our firehouse with lights and siren, engines are going the other way with lights and siren. People must have thought "wow, those guys are really scared of fire to be going the other way"
Speaking of "mistakes".....when the IC calls for the PPV to the front of the house.....reminding the rookie which side is the front is always a good idea.....

Also....when pulling the skid.....its always a good idea to make sure the entire supply load makes it off the truck as well....

Just two recent examples of oopppsss moment from my neck of the woods.

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