I hear the talk now, and then about the 10-Code being done away with. Just say what needs to be said..short and to the point. Instead of 10-76...3 Engine enroute to..... Maybe if everyone knew the 10-Code in the area they worked in, this would help. A code could mean something else in another state. On the fire scene, radio and hand signals are used...radios do go dead; or get lost.

What are the back-ups that can be employed and yet understood by all; or is this just wishful thinking?

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my county uses plain english and some slang for some things but law enforcement uses signals and 10-codes

does california still use 11 codes?

BZY!  Your the best!

hay mark

i think that the 10 code should stay that way no one will know were your going even with people that

have scanners. in my dept we still use the 10 code when in route to the scene,arriveing on scene and

when leaving the scene, but when on scene we go to another channel on ower radios. but with all do

respect i realy like the idea of the hand signals i would have never thought of that. in fact i think that i

will bring it to my chiefs attention that we start useing them like every one said you never know what

could happen on a fire scene. And to answer your question mark i think that what ever your doing

should be trained on and implamented so every one is on the same page even if your using a radio

or hand signals. we all in the fire service want every one to go home.

Our county has gone away from the 10 codes, you still have some old heads that use them. I prefer plain language less confusing. we use hand signals when communicating on the fire ground, so it leaves the radio clear for interior guys and mayday situations.

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