Has anybody seen that infomercial with billy mays and sullivan about the dual saw? It looks like a grinder but is supposed to cut better and be able to cut through almost anything. On the infomercial it shows the inventor who is a fire fighter overseas cutting apart a car. Our town chairmen saw this commercial and decided we could use one of these. Wheter he paid for it or the department did i'm not sure. But i'm looking for thoughts on this tool. It looks good, like every info-mercial but does it actually work?Is there anybody that has used one of these, and is there any department that is actually using this?

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I seen the Discovery Channel show that Billy Mays and Sullivan did and they showed how they filmed the ad and did group testing to see if people would buy it. The firefighter won against other people's ideas to sell.
I seen it and wonder if others will buy it for their depts?
Biggest problem I see with it is that it has, according to the video a cut depth of only 33mm (1 5/16"). That means that it is going to require access to opposite sides of whatever is being cut. Not generally available in an extrication. Plus, is it going to be able to cut boron steel structural supports?

Hey, make a bigger version with a deeper cut and I'm in.
Also,Jack, I hope you don't mind me adding to this, but most of the MVA's I respond to that require extrication tools, are usually mangled up pretty good. Will this tool, with it's short cut depth, be able to fit into the mess of nooks and crannys to do the job?
Derek, exactly! Be a handy tool on my job site anyway.
I saw the info-mercial, but have never used one. First thing i'd do is setup a training and what it'll do on a car. Let us know what you think of it..
We took them up on their 14 day free trial and didn't need anywhere near that long. We made one cut into the A post of a late 80's station wagon, about two inches long and less than a quarter of the way into the post, and the motor locked up. If you notice in their infomercials they are cutting the thin sheet metal of the vehicles and, while they cut the car in half, none of the cuts go through any major structural members. Maybe that is what the saw is designed to do, but we wanted to subject it to the cutting that we would most likely be doing at an MVA. Also it did take several phone calls to get the refund that they touted when we returned the saw within the trial period. I think it cost us about $40 in shipping.
And ya wonder why they have to resort to selling them on infomercials. Something's gotta be wrong.
I should add that this was during a training exercise, we wanted to make sure it would work and that all members were familiar with it's operation before we put it in service.
2.5 times bigger. is it a special order?

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