Hey, was wondering if anyone knew of any good websites that have good information and training strictly for the driver/operator position.  There's so much info on general firefighting, but looking for something that focuses specifically on the job of the engineer...thanks

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The issue with driver/operator is that such a course and material is best learned by hands on. There are so many different variations from type of rigs, pumps, aerials, tandem axle, platform, straight stick, etc. It comes down to personal preferance and style of which is something you need to hone with what you have.
Here is a good start. It can be read free online.

NFPA 1002: Standard for Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator Professional Qualifications

"The issue with driver/operator is that such a course and material is best learned by hands on."

John I might agree if your phrase said something to the effect, that the skills proficiency is best.... because of a departments type of fleet.

As with any other facet of firefighting, the "book" portion is just as important. Learning the boring stuff like inertia, centripetal and centrifugal force, etc before or in conjunction with trying hands on.
I agree there Oldman, It is just that this is the reason why you don't see sites dedicated solely to the engineer's position. The book stuff is there, but it is difficult to talk about something like Tiller Ladder operations if your dept doesn't have one. Same thing like CAFS, not every dept has it.

For the most part the NFPA link you supplied may really be the only good source of info on the web.

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