Last week I went to lunch with some co-workers (non-FFs) and the discussion rolled around to my involvement with the FD. One of the guys said "well, you must have guys that just join the department for the drinking". This recalled to mind another comment by someone, some years back, who swore that ALL volunteer FFs drank at the station and "those who say they don't are lying".

In my department you might find a 6-pack or two if you look in every nook and cranny, but we really don't touch the stuff on drill night or after calls, or meetings. There just isn't stuff to touch. In the late 80s we had the converted soda machine that dispensed several brands of beer but we got rid of it because the Jr. FFs were becoming interested in the stuff.

So - what is your department policy or practice regarding alcohol in the firehouse?

NOTE: 10/16/09: I started this thread over two years ago to gather input from other volunteer firefighters on FFN as it was then. The new theme is, what steps can we take to make America's fire houses 100% dry?

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absolutely 0 tolerance for it on the property, or showing up under the infleunce whether call or non call.
HAHAHA!!!! ABSOLUTELY!!!!!! The night of a local banquet I recall taking over the brush truck from a partially intoxicated individual....cough same one cough..... and that individual never had repocussions. I guess its not really zero tolerance in reality, just on paper
well my dept is vol dept and we all drink very seldom but the fire house property heck no chief is a state trooper so i don't think he would like it to well but in my opinion on this is it shouldn't be allowed for the simpel reason is that if a run would pop in what are your first instinct it is to jump on the truck and haule ass so on the property no out side of fire house like at home or bar hey go for it but leave your pager's and two-way's at home that is my opinion
After a drill we sometimes have one or two but is not bought by the department and we do not get drunk and its not an everyday thing. After a drill if a few guys want to stand around in the truck house tell war stories and have again 1 or 2 we chip in buy a case for 15 guys. We do have a 0 tolerence for anyone shows up for a call or training stinking of booze it would be your last call. But everyone remember this if you make a volunteer fire department a place of no fun and all BS and people with bad attitudes guess what people stop coming! When I was a paid man No we had no drinks but it was a job
we are not allowed to have any alcohol in the station no matter what the reason. There is no much to loose if you are caught with it in the station.
No type of alcohol at any event hosted by the fire dept. The annual exception is our awards banquet. During and after the banquet another local FD covers for us at our station and we rotate as designated drivers that night. We offer the same deal to them at their banquet.
At my station we a zero tolerence policy,if you were to be caught with it in your system,wether it be on a call,at a training exercise or just hanging around the station it is grounds for full dismissal.....
Up until a few years ago, we would allow a little drinking after a call or training, but then we had a couple who had more than a few and there was a fight in the fire house. Since then we have a strict No Alcohol on the premises and NEVER on your breath on a scene! You will be suspended immediately and good reason in my opinion. There are a few of us that get together and go out sometimes and the rule is pagers off, no calls and one is always the designated driver. We make sure we tell the Chief we are going out so he will know we won't be on calls and so he will make sure no one is dumb enough to show up.
I don't see the reason to drink in the fire house. We are always on PR and what would the community think and how would their support of us go down if they knew there was drinking in the station. Everyone is Sue Happy these days and that would be the perfect set up for a law suit.
Well, i can tell you that the Federal Gov has a no tolerance As for all the volunteer depts in the area, we i guess it all depends, but the volunteer dept i grew up in also has a no tolerance policy. Personally for safety sake there is no room for alcohol in any dept, do what you please at your house, just don't respond, my family would appreciate me coming home, and not dying from a mistake made by someone under the influence.
we are not allowed to bring alcohol in the fire station and if you had any to drink you are not allowed on the equipment.
This is great. I appreciate the replies, and it looks like many departments have the right "zero tolerance" attitude and policy in place.
In our Fire Department Alochol is not aloud at all. We as in everybody in the department we all pinch in to buy cokes, juices, tea's and water. All the drinks are 50 cents. When the can gets full of money we take a trip to the store and buy more...

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