At the station between calls we help out and clean and study up on the books that are provided to us from 7 am to 10 pm or at 18 for the whole shift
So I ask to you firefighters who have to actually WORK the job what is your opinion on allowing explorers who has done all the chores and studied for a bit to allow them to take 1 or 2 hours down and listen to some music or play a game on their I-Phone somewhere in the day.
-Are you completely against the idea?
-Why and do you have a solution for entertainment or taking up time in a relaxing way?
-Are you for the idea? and why?
-Thank you for all your responses and focus on this discussion :)

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Against, a little music while hitting the books is fine, but - We have always tried to have them act as a rookie... one hour leads to 2 to 3 and I am sure they have text msgs flying all day already... so, they can do it when they leave, but AT the fire house . . .focus.... if they need time to relax.. find a good Book...the kind that have pages you turn :-)
We don't have any Jr's here. We have had a lot of rookies come through our doors... with that being said, there is a point when making a point last too long. If you are working 15-18 hrs, there should be some down time. Pushing someone that long is for the military life & I have been there also. I agree that from 7 am to 7pm would be a better time with breaks throughout the day. As far as listening to music or playing games, I agree with Chris... the 1hr would turn to more. The difference between rookies and Jr's is that rookies are hired, Jr's are volunteers and just want a feeling of the work or know that they want to be a firefighter someday. I would hate for departments to grind their Jr. firefighters into the ground and make them not want to be firefighters. There has to be some give at times. Lead officers and seasoned firefighters need to realize that times are changing and you shouldn't keep departments running on "tradition" all the time.
I am a explorer myself so what are dept. does is this we do training do chores and for our explorers we tell them practice changing out a tank practice getting in gear in less than a minute tie knots and as soon as it hits one its studying and if they allow it it is tv time and nap time until 3pm then back to work wash the rigs and get tested over truck inventory if we get it right we get to relax for a longer amount of time.
yall have to stay at the station on firecalls we go on calls

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