do you think vol.18 and older have to take there emt or paramedic class

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No you should not. Those who do not want to be EMT/Paramedic will not do a justice to there Cert. But on the other hand some systems require you to do so due to thier mission. So as in your other discussion you posted I think you just want to skate by and have it handed to you. I am Vol FF for 37 years and an Paramedic by trade 32 years and I worked my butt off because I know I want to give back to my fellow citizens the best I can. I see probies on EMS that just want money and just slide by, who suffers... the people they give care too. They do not last long. So I take it your heart is not in it. Your other post you complained about having to go th your fire acadmey because that was a requirment for a paid dept. If you do not like what comes with the job, you do not like rules and I quess you are not cut out for this line of work. Volunteers and Paid guys do it right or not at all. I am both and I work hand in hand with them all.
No.It should be left up to the individual.Some firefighters would make terrible paramedics and some of our paramedics don't know the first thing about fighting fires.
well, you obvoiusly could make it mandatory. But I'm coming from a vol. dept where are have trouble finding memebers and keeping members. Making a 6 month EMT program or 2 year Paramedic program mandatory isn't justified. a 40 hr first responder course will give them the knowledge and skills in spinal immobilization, O2 admin, BVM, basic vitals, Sp02 monitoring, blood glucose testing, epi-pen admin CPR and AED. along with regular training of course. But what else is really needed for pre-ems arrival and to assist EMS on scene and sometime enroute???
Paramedic (ALS) should most certainly not be mandated for anyone, especially volunteers. However, EMT/CPR, or at the VERY least CPR and an approved first-aid for first responders program SHOULD be mandated. I know all the arguments. Well, nobody will volunteer, etc. It seems some people do not want to mandate ANYTHING, even the ability to use SCBA and climb ladders. It isn't a right to be a firefighter, it is a priveledge. Before you sign up, you need to consider what you will be getting into. YOU are the person that will be called upon when the public needs help. And in this day, it may well be for anything other than a fire.

Especially post 9/11. Once your recognized as a firefighter in your neighborhood, you may get that 3 am knock on the door when Grandma codes, or an Infant isn't breathing. You will be of no help without some training. You will bring bad publicity to your department, and I highly doubt anyone will understand your saying "I only do fires" when your walking around with your maltese tee shirts, with lights on your vehicles and stickers and license plates...etc.

Granted I'll get beat up over this, but it is what I beleive. I realize the cost factor for getting and maintaining EMT certification IS an issue. But I think once your put in a position where you are helpless, being the only one around someone who needs serious attention, and you have no clue what to do...that any firefighter will have some internal demons to wrestle with.

As a firefighter, anything you do that you fail to put forth 100% effort may end up costing someone their life. No room for slackers, or those who wish to impose their own rules in a profession that has been the publics first line of defense for century's. Walk it, don't talk it!
I dont know about where your from but Emergence Medical Responder (EMR) and First Responder are the same thing in Ga.
For volunteers in my FRS, medical 1st Aid training is voluntary, if you don't want to be trained (some people don't want to) then you will not be forced into it. Some of our Brigades are to be selected as medical 1st Responders - it will still not be mandatory for all members. Paramedic? That's another thing entirely - not many volunteers could afford either the time or the money to go to university full-time for three years to gain that qualification! Fire and Ambulance are separate agencies here.

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