Well i just wonder, how much is the basic salary of a regular firefighter? i know it will depend on the country youre working for but i just wonder how much is the basic salary for the most of western country.

ill be working in saudi arabia under a british company, is $1600 USD is a good offer for a junior firefighter like me bec. ill be working in a petrochemical industry.

well im not after the money bec. i just want the job and i love being a firefighter in fact im a volunteer for about 10years but im still curious about the salary.

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thats good. my first salary info.
Alot of the union guys in washington state start around $3500 a month, then it increases after their probie period is completed. Cal-Fire starts at $2300 a month if I read the paperwork right. As for me, I'm still a vollie, so my pay is them letting me drive the BRT and the smiles and thank-yous that I get
Ok explain this to me... How does a JR. Firefighter get Paid for being a Jr. That throws me off.. You want to know what I am paid... 5 dollars LOL and that is just helping but I keep the money in a file locked away to where it can't be found except for by the EMS Director... WOW $1600 NICE Must be Nice.
I'm just a vollie, do it for the love of the job; no money. Five or six guys on my dept. are pros though and their yearly salaries range from 45000 to 62000
I'm a vollie so my pay is a "Thank you" or "Nice job" thats all I get paid and thats fine with me. I do it for the love to help others.
I'm part-time paid-on-call...minimum 2 hours per call, even if I'm cancelled before I arrive. I've been on the department almost 5 years and I'm at $17.50 per hour (CDN), which isn't bad considering ours is a town of only about 4000 inhabitants.
thank you sir its a very useful information,, BTW im working for BRITAM also a subcontractor in ARAMCO.

food and housing is provided by them, i still dont know about the tax.
I've been to Saudi Arabia 2001 to 2004 as an Accounting Clerk at ABV Rock Group (Swedish) construction company. A general contractor for Ministry of Defense and Aviation. Generally expatriate workers are exempted from the Saudi Taxes. So more likely $1,600 is basically your take home pay. That's it ! The only overhead you gonna have to watch out is your long distance phone calls bill. Keep it down.

Someday we will meet you in person and have a pizza.
i get paid in pizza and pepsi...
Los Angeles County Fire Department starts rookie firefighters out at $4,260.73 per month / $52,000 yearly without overtime or benefits effective 8/01/08. Click here for firefighter trainee requirements and information sheet.
Lets see...we had our salary doubled last year due to an outstanding performance period....that would make it exactly.....???....Hmmm $$ 0.00....I do it as a Vollie.....LOL Paul
the pay scale in mass. in all over the board for full time ff's i've been on for 7 years and make 39,000 a year , with o.t. and stipends i make about 50,000

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