I've been taking classes out of town on the weekends lately and I found out that half of the classes departments don't pay them for training. They do pay for there gas though. I guess I thought more departments paid for their members training. My department does pay for our class and the hours we've got into the class, guess I'm lucky compared to a lot of others in my area. Anybody else in the same shoes here?

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Yes, FETC sounds exactly like our City department (my dad's fulltime with them) they've got a Ford F-350 Crew Cab that they drive if their training is out of town, plus they use it for hoses and other things to, why not I guess.
agreed, it does suck to see someone else getting paid for slacking to the point where you have to pick up his slack to keep things running. basicley he is getting the reward for your job well done and that sucks. I wasnt trying to aim my comment at you although rereading it sure looks that way and for that I am sorry. Your post does help prove the point I was trying to make. This guy is getting $45,000 a year plus a bonus and still not doing all the things he should be. and I am not saying you would but I have seen some that take that same work ethic onto the fire grounds. show up for training just to get their name on the list of those who attended then stand arround making puppies. then when it comes time for the real deal they fight fires the way they train. and the real kicker is your busting your hump to get the job done while they stand arround proud of the puppies they have made and collect the same insentive as you. thats why I like the way we do it. it keeps the insentive hunters on the sideline and off the firegrounds.
Our department pays for our classes also. We personally don't get paid, but i like taking classes when I can. so i am very happy that the department pays for it.
Career FF's get paid for whatever they do. If travelling they get paid an allowance for fuel. If a course is outside their normal shift they get paid at overtime rates (And I'm not complaining about any of that!)

Vols? We get paid a fuel allowancw if we have to use our own vehicle to travel any distance. I do a lot of assessing of trainees after courses, I get the travel allowance (the allowance is currently set at 97 cents per kilometre, same rate for career and vols) paid for doing so. Our system (State FRS) says that we shouldn't be out-of-pocket for doing training, but we don't get paid for attending courses.
the dept. that i am on will pay for your classes and meals. we usually pay for our own gas to the classes. being in a volunteer fire dept. you do your part to help with the costs.
Our training classes are generally free, however there are one or two seminars on an annual basis that require payment. For these (usually $15-30 a head) the department pays.

Travel to and from the county training grounds, or wherever the seminars/training is held, is at the member's expense.

Being a volunteer department, members in training classes get paid the same rate as for attending fire or EMS calls - zero.
yea we do now because when gas got so high, we train 3 hrs a week at the station and get payed $2.00 an hour. It's not much but it was better than nothing at the time.
Work for a paid department, and we get paid for training that benefits us in our roles in the department.
Neither one of my FD's pays us for training. They will cover the cost of the class, and even that is not guaranteed. So, yes you are fortunate.
Our Chief's pretty generous about classes. For the shift guys, if the class falls on an on-duty day, they can get ETO (educational time off) so long as it doesn't cause overtime (we have 5-on staffing with a 4-on minimum), which means they can go to class when they'd normally the working (and thus get paid). Classes that fall on off-duty days are unpaid unless the Chief's specifically asked/ordered someone to attend it.

The Chief will also pay for most anything that's either part of our designated training program (such as the state Officer classes, Rescue Systems, Driver/Operator, etc.) or makes sense to develop specific skills/knowledge that are useful to our operations. We may have to tighten that down a bit due to budget cuts, but he's a big believer in training.

Lastly, we have a couple of utility (pickup) trucks, and the Chief's OK with them being driven to classes unless they're needed on campus, so that helps with the gas issue.
We do not get paid for anything. We cover or own expenses and the department covers the price of training manuals and that is about all.
My department pays the paid firefighters that go to training but if your a volunteer you dont get anything for it...luckily im a paid guy

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