I get kinda mad when i see a wreck but then i see firemen or vechiles with bluelights drive right pass so i want to get some feedback on this topic. Please send me your belief on this topics.

Jeremy Cheesman

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I'd suggest checking with your chain of command and seeing what they want you to do.
If there is no fire or EMS units on scene I will stop. If PD is on scene I will stop. I stoped once with my mother who is an EMR and while we were assisting FD our car was totaled by an idiot driver going almost going double the speed limit. My mother is a little cautious when stopping after that and I have told her I will still stop unless I feel conditions are very unsafe. One of my fellow ff's was telling me he was actually ordered by NH state troopers when he was on vacation because of his FF plate and blue light to help with an accident scene. Personally I think it is the right thing and even though I am only an explorer I am still trained and will do what ever I can until the help that is needed arrives. You never know when you actions before the on duty people arrive will save someones life.
in the state of indiana if u are a emt or higher which u will have green lights. if u stop or even if u have to u are legaly obligated to do something or ur cert may be pulled. i dont no if i agree but thats the obligation in indiana. but i would stop and help regardless. but everyones differant.
even if it is as much as holding c spine that makes a world of differance
I will stop when my boyfriend is with me. He has the EMT training. I've got nothing. I also have to think of my daughter. I can't just leave her parked on the side of the road.
Well, I don't know what the standard in your system is but here the trucks don't always go to calls running with lights. Just because their driving code 1 doesn't mean they don't have a pre-assigned call. It also doesn't mean they haven't called it in to dispatch to get rescuers on scene. Personally, if I see everyone up and walking around and the vehicles are off the road then I probably won't stop. There are liability issues when you decide to stop. Also there becomes problems with you being available to your coverage area, causing problems but having more vehicles on scene than needed, and the potential of some looky loo hitting your truck putting you out of service.
Hope this helps
I would stop and see if everything is ok doesnt matter if there is PD on scene i would still stop, in NY we are covered by the good samaritin act so if anything happens we are covered

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