Thursday afternoon, Micheal Vick signed a one year contract with the Philadalphea Eagles; with a one year option. For those who dont remember, Vick was charged with running a dog fighting ring a few years back and has been spending time serving a prison sentence. Do you agree with Vick being allowed to return to the NFL?

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He's done his time let him play.
We all have no on to blame but ourselves, the fans. We continue to watch sports on tv and attend the events. We purchase jerseys, hats and other products with team logos. If we really want to tell the owner how we feel stop giving them our money. They will get the hint.

I feel he should still be in prison.
He did the crime, he did the time. That is the justice system. He is free to play now. I say have at it.
Simply put, NO!
Nothing surprises me anymore.
Vick returns because the football GODdell says he can.
But, I hope that they bust every dog fighting ring, send them to jail for much longer than Vick served and end this heinous cruelty to animals.
Christ; some of these jags are taking their five year old kids to this crap.
And this is supposed to be a civilized society.
The only thing more cruel than dog fighting is baby seal clubbing.
Sometimes I have to ask myself who are the real animals?
Sad; sickening and morally corrupting.
Well we can only hope for the career ender!

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