Tell us about one thing that you did today; on your last shift or alarm that made a difference to one of your company personnel or department personnel. What kind of legacy are (will) you (be) leaving?

Or, what would you have changed yesterday, if you could go back and change it in retrospect?

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That's what it's all about..brotherhood..
My Hopes to you for a safe and Happy New Year, stay safe.
I'm posting a "good job" section on the crew board every week. I know it's weak, but the crews are talking about it and a little feel good never hurts.
My last shift we did a couple things that helped out all the players in the game.

First we heled a training session for the new rookie on the shift ( we do this every tour)

Installed 3 smoke detectors

Perfomed PT for the whole shift

Engine Ran 10 calls, Truck ran 6 calls, Medic ran 8 calls (Kinda a slow day for calls)
I spent five minutes just chatting with my hall Captain. As a volunteer dept, we don't always get time to just chat with each other, so it was good to just chat after we got back from a false alarm at 3am!
WELL NOT SURE IF THIS MEANS ANYTHING ,, BUT Im a NY Police Officer and i was put on a detail in a bad area and there was a mom and her 2 yr old daughter , homeless and hungry , it broke my heart so i sat them down at a restaurant and let them eat whatever theY wanted . I then went over to the manager and set up an acct so they can eat for days to come.Is that making a difference in your eyes?
well I'm only an explorer so of course i didnt make a difference on a department or anything...but I do anythin I can for anybody and today i walked an elderly lady to her car and helped load up her groceries!! :) She really appreciated it and that's what I like about helping people, the feeling you get when you know you made even the tiniest difference for somebody!! Stay safe everyone!
That's making a huge difference! In MY eyes, anything you do for someone, the tiniest thing, is still making a difference. AWESOME!
I try to make sure every time we do training that I make it a real world case. For instance, last summer we did alot of rope rigging and rescue training. While I was out of town for work, there was a wreck with a car off the embankment on the Blue Ridge Parkway about 150' down. The guys there remembered the training and performed the rescue safely! They even said they were glad I had taught them how to do this in the real world.

Make the next generation of firefighters BETTER!
Today as it was Sunday and not the working day to devote this to my personal orders, make a practice that was very useful for the new fire and they said they were very grateful to me. Today was not my daughter but I was with these kids that my children are false, and if through this practice has been successful in a fire or rescue me sentire satisfied
in this negative line of duty ( i don't consider it work, it is a pleasure to serve) i have people ask me how i am doing and reply that i am above dirt and happy. does 2 things. makes them stop and think and depends how they reply can tell them why i am happy. when this body goes below dirt i will be happier, i believe that i am saved and not only can i do something that is mortal for someone here but also show them eternal also. ITS SIMPLE AND A GOOD LIFE TO BOOT.
We took a fellow firefighter in to hospital in full arrest and stayed with the family to make sure they had all they needed and called the funeral home for them. THis is not the first time and we do it for more then just our own. We also do it for strangers! The family needs someone and until the rest of the family gets there, you are it! Open you heart a little bit! It never hurts to do that!

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