Lookin to see some pics of your decked out POVs. I have a 2005 dodge Durango black with a 48in light bar. Generation 3 LEDs blue with an arrow stick on the back of it. Also have grill lights with 48 LEDs each and rear deck lights with 18 LEDs each. Front of the truck has a chrome brush guard also tail light guards. 5.7 l hemi. 

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Now this car is AWESOME!!!!

It is discussions and debates like this that make me thankful that here in Australia, there is no law permitting POV's to be decked out with lights and sirens. And highly ( highly, highly, highly, did I say highly?) unlikely it will ever become legal.

So many what-if's, so many tossers who can abuse the right, etc.


I couldn't agree more, John.


I re-posted a video on YouTube from a guy from Arkansas who is the epitome of these types of volunteers, and recently got himself into trouble with the law.  The response to it has been impressive, and enlightened me to not only the large amount of people out there taking videos of their POV's in full-on flashy mode like it's Christmas, but of the same morons who will videotape their responses in their POV's and post those too.  Absolutely shocking... if posting a video of your own POV lights or response doesn't scream "Hey, look how cool I am!" I'm not quite sure what does.  But then again, I've been accused of seeking the same attention with my re-posting.



I had to stop and look at that last picture because it looked like a guy in my department...


It is no laughing matter though.  I have read every post here and I have to agree with those posting against lights...you do not need them to respond, you definitely do not need them to show your pride of being a firefighter either.  I show my pride at parades with my neatly pressed uniform and badge, and my clean, waxed fire engine with american flags draped all over it.  I show my pride by standing side by side with my brothers/sisters at a LODD funeral in that same uniform.  I show my pride by writing grants and getting my department what it needs to operate in my own time (instead of googling for light bars and looking at pictures of whacker-mobiles).

I am good friends with a fire chief from my area, he is dedicated, knowledgeable and well respected.  He was involved in an accident years ago while responding to the station for a stand-by...thats right, a STAND-BY.  He was going a little too fast, after getting caught up in the moment with the lights flashing and he strayed a few feet over the double yellow into oncoming traffic.  By the time he saw the other car it was too late...and one person lost their life.  He would agree with most of you here as well now, you dont need lights...you dont need to drive to the firehouse with any distractions...you DO need to get there alive to be of any good to the person calling for help.

I have one dash light that rarely gets used, I drive like I would drive to work in the mornings and obey all lights and stop signs, and I always get to the station for the first truck if not the second.  My favorite thing is driving through other areas and seeing a volly stuck in traffic with no where to go, and they have bar lights, flashers, grill lights, take downs, arrow sticks all ablazing, looking like a fireworks show, but they are totally still and no one around them can do anything about it.  In my eyes, all of that "bling" for your POV only causes accidents around you.  People see all of the flashes and lights and they panic, and they try to move out of the way only to hit someone else and cause more problems because not only do you have a fire to deal with , but now an MVA as well with injuries that YOU caused...Is it worth it????  I know all of you in favor of the lights will argue and say its BS...but this is my opinion and its what I speak to my crews about frequently...one warning light per POV, and use it sparingly.  If you get to a busy intersection turn it off and drive normally, you will probably get through it faster than having the lights flashing and sending people into panic (and epileptic seizures from strobe overload) 

This topic will never end though, and it will be discussed a few hundred more times before anyone gets the point.

Stay Safe everyone.


Excellent post.  The personal story about your friend the Chief brings it home for all of us.

I like the post moose. I have seen this hundreds of time's myself. At night sitting at a red light and ding-dong behind me with his blue strobes going; make's me want to get out of my vehicle and grab a hammer and bust up his light bar. I have one dash light and it has hardly ever been used.

Thank you.

He took it very very hard, and still has issues with it today as would anyone, but he advocates for firefighters to drive safely, in POV's and the trucks, and he frequently talks at firefighter I Classes and EVOC classes.  I respect him more for that.

When i scene this post i was like kool! Some other people who have way to much time like me and put a bunch of lights on there POV! And then it was a bunch of back and for about weather or not its unnecessary or right..... I have Lights on my POV and its more of a hobby putting them on then it is functional but i still enjoy it, Isn't why we do this for the enjoyment? And if we do it for the enjoyment and are allowed to have lights and are allowed by state and local laws along with your department to run lights why not do it! If you don't like it you don't like it if you do you do! This topic was about showing off your maybe unused or maybe over used POV lights not weather its point less to have them! So here is a picture of mine! 

Drive safe use your head, Where here to help but we can't help if we don't make it! 

Too funny Jack!

Nathan, I think I understand your sentiments, but the whole "fun" thing in relation to such a serious issue doesn't ring right with me. Too many responders are dieing or being seriously injured or killing others when driving like lunatics with POVs and lights. It ain't fun!!!!
Fun dosent mean careless, there is a clear line between safely operating a pov with or without lights. The term due regard comes to mind! I suport the use of pov lights but I'm a biger suporter of comon sense!

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