Hey all i am wondering what type of hose load you all use and what have you found to work best for a 1 3/4 Preconnected Cross lay.. Thanks

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150' tripple lay
Triple Load
triple lay "military load" 200'
well ha.. choose your needs.. we have 3 crosslays that are triple layer... and 2 running out of the rear. minute man lay...
we use flat loads on everything much more easier on our guys/gals preconnected 1 3/4 have ears at 2nd and 6th layer first man grabs the nozzle and first set of ears and back up man grabs the second set of ears and if they do it right it should flake out.
Flat load for use:)
Here is how our engines are set up for all pre-connects.

1 - 1.75" 100' Triple Loaded - Bumper Chief Nozzle 75/150
2 - 1.75" 150' Triple Loaded - Mid Chief Nozzle 75/175
1 - 1.75" 200' Triple Loaded - Mid Chief Nozzle 75/175
1 - 1.75" 200' Minuteman - Mid Chief Nozzle 75/175
1 - 1.75" 200' Triple Loaded - Rear Chief Nozzle 75/175
1 - 2.50" 200' Triple Loaded - Rear Chief Nozzle 50/250
Modified minuteman on crosslays(3@200 ft.) This can be deployed by 1 or 2 people.These are packed 100 ft. side by side.Start with an ear and layer first 100 ft.(bottom is pre-connected).When you get to the 100ft. coupling lay to side.Put an ear at the beginning of the next 100ft with the nozzle inside the ear and continue to layer.Connect the coupling from the first and second 100ft together.When deploying,grab the ear with the nozzle and pull out far enough to get on your shoulder then pull off truck.You can then turn and grab second ear and pull to ground or let someone else grab it.Flake ot 2nd load while pulling and walking and let load on shoulder begin to flake when second load is flaked out.
Thanks for the info.. we use the flat lay now and are having some issues with the deployment and are looking to change it up a bit..
Prefer the triple lay, but the crosslays don't have enough room and we are using the flat load with loops for rapid deployment.
We carry 2 cross lays, 200’ 1 ¾ minuniteman and a skid load, 2-200’ 1 ¾ coupled to a gated wye preconnected 2 1/2, looped together with a rope hose tool. Now I could do something smart and look it up, but I’ve never been accused of being that so I’ll look stupid and ask; what the hell is a triple lay?
We have 4 cross lays on our first due engine. 3- 1 3/4". 2 off the officers side 1 with a smooth bore and the other has a saber jet (combination smooth bore and fog) 1off the operators side with a smooth bore. All three are minuteman and the fourth is a 3" flat lay that can come off either side and have the desired nozzle on it or to supply a stick. The other two engines have flat lays on them.
I am not 100% sure but I believe the Triple lay is similar to the minuteman. I have not ever seen it before but I would be interested in knowing what it is for sure.

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