If this guy is actually a member of this Fire Department, he absolutely should be wearing correct PPE. If he isnt apart of the Department, why is he up there in the first place?

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The cat seems to be OK with it.
PPE - Personal Pussy Extrication. Seems he had everything he needed.
(cat probably started the fire anyway)
If my dog was hanging out the window knowone would tell me to get off the ladder! Yes what he is doing is truly wrong and unsafe but you can't fault a home owner for saving his/her family or pets.
I'm actually more critical of that santa clause suit one guy is wearing. WTF? Can only imagine what color the engine must be...probably white.
I'm thinkin He's being Safe-Ish! Have to consult our in-house Safe-Ish expert.
Not sure those are the proper shoes and head protection though. What do yah think?
Jack, I am thinking the same with you. The cat started the fire. Devious buggers!
Maybe he's a probie and they use the two tone to make him look dummer than he probably really is.
I know what you are trying to say....and yes, I agree with the principle.....BUT...by showing this picture do you really think that you are showing the rest of us in a good light...? Instead of taking the picture and saying...."Look at this" Why doesn't it say...."I saw some jackass and I did this about it"....until we all take responsibility and bring this type of behavior to an abrupt end it will haunt everyone......just my look at it......Stay safe,,,,Keep the Faith....Paul

If you note, the guy on the ladder is wearing his hat in the approved, pussy rescue position, backwards. Clearly he's done this before. And yeah, cats are evil.
Thanks guys. I haven't laughed this hard in a while. This is good stuff.
Oh puhlease, Kali. Can't you start a fight with a girl once in a while? (Some of us wanna watch.)
Mmmm. Yes it would.
Are we sure Kali isn't actually Goddess of Hedgehogs? Kind of prickly don't ya know. ;-)

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