I recently put an application in for a full time Fire Department. I am very excited about this testing opportunity. I have no problem with the exam test, pretty confindent about that. But the Combat Physical Fitness Test that I have to do is another thing.. I know I can do it and will do fine. Its just I have never done one of these before and have no clue on what to expect. Just seeing if any of you have and advice on how to train prior to this testing, or have any words of wisdom to share. Thanks Brothers....

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Hiya Shaun,

I'm not really sure what a "Combat Physical Fitness Test" is, but if it is anything like the standard PT we put all full timers through, it consists of the following tasks:

1. Rolling a 50' stick of hose(pre-rolled and taped) a distance of 100'
2. Dragging a 150# rescue dummy a distance of 100'
3. Using a sledge hammer, drive a 4' section of railroad tie a distance of 10' (and you can't straddle the r-r tie)
4. Coupling together 2 50' sticks of 2.5" hose
5. Carry a set of irons and a chain saw up 3 flights of stairs and simulate forcing entry on a door
6. Place the tip of a set of hydraulic jaws beneath a rung of a 6' a-frame ladder and hold in place for 1 minute
7.Using a lanyard, raise the fly of a standard 24' entension ladder, then lower it back down in a controlled manner
8. Approach a standard hydrant, connect a 2.5" hose, charge the hose, go to the nozzle, bleed the air, return to the hydrant, close the hydrant, return to the nozzle and bleed off the water, return to the hydrant and disconnect the hose.

All of these tasks must be accomplished while breathing bottled air and within the 20 minute time limit.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Reg, Yes it is the same type of fit test only named different. On this particular one we have to do:
1) High Rise Stair Cimb Evolution ( 3-50 foot sections of 1.5 hose 5 stories)
2) Hose Hoist Evolution ( hoist up a 50 foot donut roll of 2.5 up the 5 stories)
3) Forcible Entry Evolution ( 8 pound shot hammer driving an I-beam 5 feet)
4) 1.5 inch Hose Advancement ( move a fully charged 1.75 hose 75 feet and crack nozzle)
5) Victim Rescue Evolution ( carry or drag a 175 pound mannequin 100 feet)

Needs to be completed in 7 minutes or less. Wearing a turn out coat, SCBA (no face peice), gloves, bunker pants, and boots.
Well, it seems as if you have provided your own answers! Dress out and do these things repeatedly(several times a day) until the test! I assume you have your bunker gear, so you can wear that, and if you can't borrow an SCBA, get yourself an army surplus ALICE pack frame and strap the equivelent weight to it (the ALICE pack strap configuration will approximate the feel of an actual SCBA so closely that it's amazing) and do the tasks on your list until you feel ready for the test!

Good luck!!


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