LEADVILLE, Colo. - A city fire captain was arrested and handcuffed during an emergency call last weekend, the latest twist in a dispute between city officials and the Lake County sheriff.

Fire Capt. Dan Dailey was released about an hour after his March 27 arrest. District Attorney Mark Hurlbert said prosecutors will decide next week whether to file charges.

Dailey said he went to the sheriff's office in Leadville to help after an ambulance was summoned for a woman who went there with a neck injury.

City officials said deputies arrested Dailey after he refused their orders to leave.

Fire Chief Robert Harvey said Dailey's decision to go to the scene was appropriate.

"The fire captain was monitoring the radio and responded to the emergency call," he told The Denver Post.

Sheriff Ed Holte was out of the office Friday, his staff said. He didn't immediately respond to a message left on his voicemail by The Associated Press.

The city and sheriff have been at odds over who should provide emergency protection outside Leadville.

Leadville firefighters cover the entire county under an intergovernmental agreement that expires in December. Mayor Bud Elliott said Holte wants his deputies to be trained as firefighters, which would allow them to essentially replace Leadville firefighters outside the city.

The commissioners scheduled a meeting Monday to discuss Dailey's arrest.

Elliott said he and a police officer are now on call to be observers on all Fire Department calls.


Information from: The Denver Post, http://www.denverpost.com
STATter911: Colorado Public Safety Power Grab

Copyright 2009 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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Frederick, good response to an already delicate situation. If we as professionals sit back here on FFN and name call these Police Officers, then in reality, we're no better and are doing nothing to fix the problem. We can work through the problem, and obviosuly there is a problem (multiple now!) or the whole debate wouldn't have started at their end about who does what, when and how...
Sorry Fred...I repect your point of view..but I feel this is totally assinine...and it only deserves sarcasm...I see many fine LE Officers...but who do you remember or who comes to mind when someone mentions the specific agency...? The stupid one that you had to deal with at zero dark thirty in the morning......The one that called you out because there was cow manure of the roadway (really happened) or the one that wouldn't call out Fire for an MVA when there were 2 cars upside down and victims were trapped..? Or the Ones that do their job and wear their uniforms with pride.....unfortunately it usually ends up being the horses ass.....But...that's just my look at it.........Have a good one........Paul
Sounds like the Sheriff wants to run the Sheriff's office and the Fire Dept instead of working together like they should. With a fired volunteer firefighter providing training to the deputies. Wonder how much training he had to be able to provide the training?
Why would a Sheriff want to have his officers trained as firefighters? Sounds like he is a little bit of a power whore. do the officers WANT to be trained as firefighters? Is that what they signed up for when they went through the accademy? Do they have so little to do as law enforcement officers that they need to find something else to? Maybe there are too many officers there to spread the work around to. Maybe they need to look at some layoffs so that nobody is sitting around twiddling their thumbs. It is total BS that this sheriff thinks that his officers can and will handle fire, EMS, Car wrecks, extrication, ventilation, BLS, ALS, trafic control, forcible entry, search and rescue, etc and their regular duties and have absolutley NO negative results. Why is he not content to just be a cop? If you want to be a FF then be a FF, if you want to be a cop, then be a cop. It is a rare thing for one person to successfully wear both hats
Ide say this post would be better served in the National Enquirer, Front page. Sensational Media BS. BLAH BLAH BLAH!!! Right up there with what color of helmet, turnouts and fire trucks do you have? Oh and of course should JRs carry pagers or respond on the vehicles or their POVs? BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!
the word is donning. The Sheriff is trying to pad his budget, the legal issue is properly trained and certified personnel on Medical, Fire, Haz Mat, Accidents and Mine or Trench Rescues. I can only imagine the turmoil the first lawsuit will cause.
hey they just want to be like their heros

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